The Movement Rebooted


 The Birth of the New Model Society


Whether you like it or not, whether you know it or not, the world revolution is here. The fate of all of us is being decided. Everywhere, people are showing that they no longer accept the old ways. The transformation of the world is already in progress. The real issue is this ... what are you doing about it? What's your contribution? Are you someone who watches from the sidelines, or are you a person actually making a difference? When in years to come your children and grandchildren ask you what you did when the Revolution happened, will you be able to tell them the truth, or will you have to lie and pretend you did heroic things when in fact you stayed at home gorging on junk food as you watched it all on TV?


Now is the hour when the heroes are separated from the cowards. Which are you? If you’re like most people, you’ll say, “Sure, I’m one of the heroes”, and then do absolutely nothing. Because doing anything is hard, and being a hero is far beyond the capabilities of most sheep-like human beings, who will do something only if everyone else is doing it. That's why social media is proving so crucial - it gives the other-directed masses group "permission" to take to the streets. Protesting has become a social activity. There will come a time when you will seem like a freak if you're NOT protesting. Social media is therefore the deadliest weapon the elite have ever faced. It's the social glue that brings even the sheeple out onto the front line. The tipping point is coming. When it does, everything will change.








M! (M for the Movement) - Pho' 







All Revolutions against the Old World Order - the ruling establishment of the rich, privileged elite - have begun in secret with clandestine groups and societies. The Founding Fathers of America were all secret society Revolutionaries. The French Revolution was led by secret societies. The Russian Revolution was likewise led by secret societies. So, what do we find in the modern day? - legions of morons who are against secret societies, hence are fellow travelers of the rich elite. Many of these same retards openly support anarcho-capitalist libertarianism, the evil doctrine of Ayn Rand who, in Atlas Shrugged, advocated the abolition of government and its replacement by the outright rule of the super rich led by the dictator "John Galt". Rand infamously claimed that selfishness is "virtuous" - which tells you everything you need to know about her evil, "greed is good" supporters.



The ludicrous and insane notion that 9/11 was perpetrated by the American government rather than maniacal Muslim terrorists is a manifestation of the pathological hatred, which Ayn Rand did so much to stoke, of the actual principle of government. She portrayed government itself as a conspiracy against liberty, and unfettered markets as the quintessence of freedom. The 9/11 conspiracy theory was intended to generate such hatred of the government that it would lead to its overthrow, paving the way for John Galts to come forward and rule via wholly unregulated free-market capitalism, of which they would be the undisputed masters and controllers. All supporters of the "Truth" Movement are those who would rather believe that the American government - full of very rich capitalists devoted to making enormous profits from the consumerist sheeple - would prefer to murder them rather than make obscene amounts of money from them, and that Islamic psychopaths who detest everything the infidel, depraved Americans stand for are in fact America's best friends who would never do any harm to America under any circumstances. Dream on, clowns. Try reading "Understanding Muhammad and Muslims" by Ali Sina and wake up to what 9/11 was actually all about. Enter the real world, why don't you? To all Americans, your government is an evil capitalist monster. Oppose it for that reason, not for the lie that it kills its own idiotic capitalist masses. Why would anyone destroy the retarded hand that feeds it? The rich capitalist rulers of America would love nothing more than for America to become a Randian land where the rich can do whatever they like with absolute impunity ... and they're already very close to that outcome. The anarcho-capitalist libertarians are the best friends the super rich ever had. The "Truth" Movement is actually the "We love the super rich elite" Movement. It's not government that's the inherent enemy but the super rich, especially when they use their money and power to hijack governments and use them for their own private good - for privilege, nepotism and cronyism.  


All authentic secret societies are opposed to the rich powers-that-be and for enlightened, rational, meritocratic government of the type described by Plato in The Republic, wherein a nation's leaders are specifically forbidden from owning private property and having any private wealth. The "secret" societies of the elite, on the other hand, are faux secret societies. Where authentic secret societies are revolutionary, faux secret societies are conservative, pro-establishment and counter-revolutionary, and are all about money, corruption, privilege, nepotism and cronyism. If you're such a fool that you can't conceive of secret societies with radically different agendas, it shows at what level of mental sophistication you operate - the most primitive one of all. No wonder you believe that the Illuminati are comic-book, shape-shifting, pan-dimensional lizard creatures from another world. You probably believe in Santa Claus and Jesus Christ too!



What will the last, great conflict that defines the human race be about? It will concern whether the libertarian followers of the super rich - and their plan to seize world power via capitalist globalization - prevail, or rationalist meritocrats devoted to the betterment of the whole human race by giving everyone a genuine equal opportunity to have a wonderful life. In today's world, only the rich have good lives, and all the rest live in fear, misery and degradation. Whose side are you on? It's time to choose.  



The Revolution is Here. The Revolution is Now.

The Occupy protests throughout Western countries and the mass demonstrations in Turkey and Brazil are remarkable for one reason - they are not directed at dictators but at how democratic nations are being governed. Democracy itself has been called into question.

The problem with it is the most ancient of all problems: it has been pressed into the service of the elites. Democracy isn't about helping the people to have better lives. Instead, it does what all oppressive systems have done throughout history - it enables the elites to acquire more and more wealth and power. Democracy, with its mantra of "one person, one vote" implies equality and respect between all citizens. But if you look at any democratic nation in practice you will see a super rich elite running everything and a great mass of nobodies being fed "bread and circuses" to sedate them and prevent them from seeing what's really going on. The super rich citizens of today's democracies are wealthier than monarchs, nobles and oligarchs were at any time in history. If democracy, in favouring the cause of rich men, has surpassed systems explicitly devoted to the interests of the rich, how can the conclusion be avoided that democracy is in fact plutocracy - rule by the rich?

In democracies, the rich have pulled off a staggering trick. They have trumpeted the importance of the democratic vote, which supposedly empowers ordinary people, while at the same time rendering this vote impotent and meaningless. All democracies work in conjunction with capitalism, which is controlled by "the market", which in turn is controlled and rigged by bankers, corporations, stock traders and the super rich. No democratic vote is ever applied to the market and its controllers. No market participant is ever elected by the people or is in any way accountable to the people. In a "capitalist democracy", which half of that description actually wields the power - the capitalist or democratic part? The answer is painfully obvious.

Capitalist democracies are fundamentally and quintessentially capitalist systems designed to serve the capitalist elite (which is why the rich keep getting richer and the poor poorer), and the "democracy" part is the sop provided to the common herd to deceive them into thinking they have the power to change who governs them. No matter how often the sheeple vote, they will never change who actually rules them - the unelected, unaccountable rich elite. The elite are never up for election.

Capitalist democracy is the supreme con trick, the most ingenious hustle of all time. It has produced the perfect "false consciousness". The masses think they have power through the ballot box - and the elite continually reinforce this rhetoric with their mantra of "freedom and democracy" (note how "freedom" and "capitalism" are subtly equated as the inevitable companion of democracy) - but in fact the masses have no power at all. We are ruled by rich cartels and the market they control that dictates our economic circumstances. Those in charge of the economy are the real rulers of capitalist democracies, not the democratically elected politicians who have no control over the market (and were never intended to have any).   

Once you have grasped that democracy is all smoke and mirrors, concealing what's really going on, you understand that it must be overthrown. If the people are ever to be in charge, they must control the economy. Imagine a world in which all senior bankers, CEOs, traders and super rich entrepreneurs are civil servants, or directly elected and publicly accountable public officials. Our world would be transformed overnight. For the first time ever, the people would be genuinely in charge.

Of course, to accept a system in which capitalism is subordinated to democracy rather than democracy to capitalism is to wholly change the nature of capitalism.

The anarcho-capitalist libertarian followers of Any Rand want to get rid of government, the State and democracy entirely and have everything run by markets. They want to abolish the "democracy" part of the phrase "capitalist democracy" and be left with unrestrained capitalism in which there's no electorate at all because nothing gets voted on. The market, in their system, would be ubiquitous and presented as the solution to every problem.

The opposite approach is to neutralize the "capitalist" part of the phrase "capitalist democracy" and bring capitalism wholly under the control of the electorate and have every major capitalist player and institution made directly accountable to the people.

Think of a nation's armed forces. The military leaders are not private entrepreneurs. They are intended to serve the national good, not the private good of rich elites. All senior military officers are accountable to democratically elected officials and can be removed by them. Is that such a horrific idea? Isn't it the rational way to operate? So why shouldn't the nation's "economic forces" be configured in the same way? The government will appoint the senior "generals, admirals and commanders" of the economy and all of them will be removable if they fail to perform in the national interest. Even better, these economic experts should be directly elected by their peers, qualified in economics. This would be a radically different type of capitalism.

In National Socialist Germany, the capitalists were required to serve the national interest. In modern Communist China, capitalists are not permitted to act against the interests of the State. You don't need to have capitalism being controlled by rich, private elites always looking after No. 1.

The Nazis identified two types of capitalism: predatory capitalism on the one hand and productive capitalism on the other. The former is all about speculation, casino banking, usury, making money from money, and is run by "international financiers" with no loyalty to any nation state. Capitalist globalization is the perfect expression of international finance where money goes wherever the greatest profits are to be had and the international financiers couldn't care less about the consequences for ordinary people in any countries affected by their actions. Predatory capitalism is Stateless and decoupled from the public good and the health of the nation. Productive capitalism, on the other hand, is all about investment in the nation State for the public good (which is why it was advocated by National Socialism - here "socialism" doesn't mean anti-capitalism, but capitalism required to serve the social good of the nation rather than the anti-social good of private elites).

Hitler identified the stateless Jews as the controllers of international finance, owing no loyalty to any State. He saw predatory capitalism as the mechanism by which the Jews were able to run the world (through globalism). And bear in mind that predatory capitalism is infinitely worse today than in Hitler's time! We now have a de facto one-world government where the rich predatory capitalists rule everything via the "market". This market sits above all nation states and they are all subject to it without having any control or say over it. We must all dance to the rich man's tune.

It's precisely this shadow world government by international financiers (the puppetmasters) that must be abolished once and for all. Either they are in charge or the people are in charge.

Why are people so afraid of the rich? Why do they think no action can be taken against them? The rich are the Wizards of Oz. There's nothing special about them. They're con men. What will they do when the people pull back that curtain? They're powerless. They're the Emperor in his New Clothes - stark naked as soon as someone dares to point it out. Do you imagine that Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg, for all their money, can withstand seven billion people? The rich survive purely because they have beguiled so many of the poor into believing in them and their system. They are expert psychological manipulators, but once you have seen through their games, you have nothing but contempt for them.

Here's the bottom line. You will never have a good life and achieve all you are capable of while the rich are in charge. It's them or you. They must fall for you to rise.

We certainly aren't advocating rule by totalitarian systems such as National Socialism or Communism. Instead, we want democracy to be replaced by meritocracy. Meritocracy is described in detail on this website but the basic idea is simple. It's about providing everyone with an equal opportunity to shine, and those who shine the brightest - as judged by their meritocratic peers - are those who are elected to power. We end up being ruled by the smartest and wisest. All systems of privilege and inheritance are removed in order to equalize the playing field. Everyone sets out on the race of life from the same starting line. You don't have some trust fund heir or heiress beginning the race five metres from the finishing line because their parents have bought them an overwhelming competitive advantage.

Meritocracy is designed to be as fair as possible to everyone and it achieves that by ruthlessly preventing the transmission of extreme wealth between private individuals (usually from parents to their children). If your greatest desire is to inherit money earned by someone else rather than making it yourself through your own sweat and talent then you are no meritocrat. You're a parasite, and meritocracy has nothing to offer deadbeats and freeloaders like you.

All people who accept inheritances are moochers, looters and deadheads. They know they could never succeed through their own efforts. They always need a leg up from others. These people are a joke. They would be sad losers if they weren't propped up by their rich parents. They are spineless and worthless, the refuse and garbage of the Earth. All of these "inheritors" are terrified of a fair fight, of being deprived of an artificial advantage and genuinely having to be the best to win. They are cowards. In a fair race, they would be humiliated - and they know it! 

Just as a nation would wish to have its best, most meritorious generals become the leaders of its military, so a meritocratic nation seeks to get the best economists in charge of its economy. Just as generals are public servants charged with winning military victories at minimum cost to their own side, so meritocratic economic generals will be public servants and their task is to create the greatest economic victories for the people with the fewest casualties (unlike capitalism). Being public servants, they are required to operate in the public good. The capitalist elite, by contrast, always operate in the private good (i.e. their own good).

With meritocratic capitalism, there could be no such phenomenon as "globalism" whereby rich capitalists go anywhere in the world where the best profits for themselves are to be had, and show zero loyalty to their nations of birth. Any capitalist who took his money out of his country to use it elsewhere would be deemed the equivalent of a general who started using his army for his own interests or even that of a foreign power, i.e. he would be deemed an outright traitor and be immediately arrested.

You either sign up with the anarcho-capitalist libertarians and let the rich elites explicitly rule everything and replace government wholesale, or you sign up with the meritocrats, and meritocratic government will replace market power and rich elites wholesale.

Rich dynastic elites will cease to exist in a meritocracy since it will be illegal for anyone to transfer significant assets to any other private individual. Only wealth transfers to the public (the Commonwealth) will be possible. In a meritocracy, the dead have no rights over the living and are prevented from selectively passing on their assets to their chosen ones. All the assets of the dead are transferred to the Commonwealth and meritocratically distributed in the cause of equal opportunities. No one will ever again find the game of life rigged against them by private transactions designed to favour a special few over everyone else.

Well, then, what shall you choose? Should the rich, private elites be permanently in charge, or should the people rule via meritocracy?

The rich elites have always been terrified of the Illuminati. They know that if we succeed, they will be out of business for good and all of their wealth will be reclaimed at death for the Commonwealth via 100% inheritance tax. It's precisely because they fear us so much that they have gone to such lengths to demonize us through their puppets, stooges and shills such as Alex Jones, Henry Makow, Benjamin Fulford and David Icke. Icke even goes as far as to describe the Illuminati as shape-shifting lizards from another dimension. If you believe him, you're in as much need of psychiatric help as he is. Bizarrely, the Illuminati have been branded as "the elite", thus taking the heat away from the actual elite who are right in front of your face - all the capitalist billionaires who run the world.

The game couldn't be simpler. Either we let the rich elite rule, or we remove their power and wealth and the people will rule … for the first time in history.

Power is very straightforward. To know who's in charge, you need do only one thing … follow the money. Only when the people control the money and the money trail leads back to the people themselves will the people be in charge.

If you want the people to be in power, you must remove the wealth of the elite. It's as blunt, basic and primordial as that. Are you for the rich elite or against them? Are you for equal opportunities or against them? You can have equal opportunities only if all economic, political and social systems of privilege, inheritance and heredity are crushed forever. 100% inheritance tax is the means by which everyone becomes their own master, dependent only on themselves. You should have zero expectation of anyone giving you hand-outs. Rich people condemn the State for providing welfare hand-outs to the poor while they themselves give hand-outs to their own children and cronies via trust funds and inheritance. You are pathetic if you accept welfare either from the State or from your parents, and meritocracy is designed to get rid of State and parental welfare by making everyone stand on their own two feet and control their own destiny.

Are you with us or against us? If you support what we stand for, join the Movement. Bring about a New World Order, a New Model Society, where the people are in charge and rich elites are dismantled permanently.

We seek only activists - those with true hero potential. If you don't have it in you, don't delude yourself. Stay at home and play your video games.

Remember, we're not a debating society. This is about activism only. If you are not willing to get involved in doing things, stay away. The world will change because talented people will come forward and change it. These people will write, create, preach, convert, inspire, act, perform wonders, and through the sheer force of their will and talent, the world will bend before them.

Meritocrats are achievers. That's what defines them. So, if you can achieve something glorious, welcome on board. Given that we are meritocrats and revere talent and achievement above all things, we will give you the chance to demonstrate your merit. We will monitor social media, and highlight on this page the efforts of anyone who is committed to genuine activism and is getting the Movement's message out there. It's not about us, it's about you. It always has been.

What is the purpose of our activism? It's to wake up the sleeping, sedated masses by exposing the fraud of democracy. It's to end the spell of false consciousness that the rich elite have cast over the masses. It's to bring an end to predatory, rapacious capitalism, capitalist globalism and international finance. These will be replaced by productive capitalism run by publicly elected and accountable experts working for the public good. Large-scale global capital will end. There will be no multinational, global corporate leviathans dictating to nation States and avoiding paying tax. Capitalism will be small-scale (think "Small Is Beautiful: A Study of Economics As If People Mattered" by E. F. Schumacher), and never greater than the nation State, whose interests it must serve rather than the private interests of super rich capitalists.    

Everyone in the world must decide where they stand. Do you support the public or private good? Are you for or against inheritance? Are you for or against privilege (the opportunity afforded to the rich to buy competitive advantages over everyone else, particularly in respect of an elite private education for their children)? Are you a meritocrat or democrat? Are you for predatory capitalism (free-market capitalism) or productive capitalism (controlled by the nation State)? Are you for capitalist globalism or for the right of governments to be in charge rather than markets? Are you for positive or negative liberty? Are you for the General Will of the people or the particular will of the individual? Are you for nations being genuinely run by their people or by rich, unelected, unaccountable private elites? Do you admire the rich elites or despise them? Do you think that the rich and powerful should be in charge and that they are great Randian heroes? Do you support extreme private wealth and having a small group of super rich people owning the bulk of our world? Should Wall Street run the world or Main Street? Should the 1% rule or the 99%? Are you a libertarian? Are you an anarchist? Are you a communist? Are you a fascist? Make up your mind. Choose your side. Take action.

Why do most movements for change fail? It's because their participants have no clear idea of what they stand for and what they really want. Enormous numbers of people with different agendas come together and then of course are unable to formulate a common way forward. They squabble and bicker and find that they have only one thing in common - the desire for something "better" than they have now. Yet they have no united vision of what this better thing will be, so each movement collapses under its own contradictions and internal tensions. And the rich elites just laugh and keep getting richer. They know they are invulnerable as long as the masses cannot agree, and they have taken great care to divide the masses as much as possible.

There's only one real game in town - the rich elites versus the people. Who should rule? We have presented our vision of what should replace rule by the rich elites - meritocratic rule by the people. You will be either for us or against us. In your heart of hearts, you will be either a supporter of the rich elites (as Ayn Rand's libertarians are), or want them removed from our world forever and power entrusted to the people, a principle that will be enshrined in the Constitution itself.

One measure crystallizes the entire debate - 100% inheritance tax (including the prevention of any attempts to evade this tax through trust funds or anything else). 100% inheritance tax reboots the world by destroying the wealth of dynastic families. The mentality of the world will change beyond recognition when people realize that they will never inherit a single cent from anyone else and that their success in life is their own business and no one else's. At the moment, everyone who doesn't have an effective network of nepotism and cronyism has no chance in life. Only when nepotism and cronyism are destroyed will the people of the highest merit - from any background - succeed.

So, above all else, the Movement must campaign for 100% inheritance tax. As a transitional measure, it might be tactically advantageous to apply 100% inheritance tax only to estates over, say, half a million dollars. But, in the end, meritocracy is defined by 100% inheritance tax across the board. That's the only way to guarantee equal opportunities for all. The rich are welcome to spend all of their money on luxuries for themselves. Anything not spent by the time of death goes to the Commonwealth to be invested in the public good. What could be simpler, nobler, fairer or more moral?

We already know that many, many people despise 100% inheritance tax. To all those people, we say this ... whether you think so or not, you are opposed to the public good, you are for the private elites, you support nepotism and cronyism, you are against equal opportunities and meritocracy. So, why don't you man up and take responsibility for your pernicious beliefs? Declare yourself anti-meritocratic. Say that you agree that deadbeats like Paris Hilton should be allowed to inherit vast fortunes despite having done nothing to earn them. Say that you revere bloodlines over justice, fairness and merit. Say you support privilege. Don't pretend to be something you're not. Don't live in bad faith. Don't pretend to be moral and interested in the good of others. Confess that you are a libertarian egoist. Admit that you hate government in principle and resent even one cent of taxation. Grow a spine and tell the world that you hate it and all your love is directed towards yourself, your family, your cronies and your God ... and everyone else can go screw themselves.

Know thyself, said the ancient Greeks. So, know who you are and what you really stand for, not what you fondly imagine you stand for. Choose your sides. 100% inheritance tax is the single tax that defines what side you're truly on. You can't fake support for this tax. You either agree with it or you don't. You either want the meritocratic people to be in charge or the privileged elites that will use their money at every turn to anti-meritocratically buy competitive advantages for them and theirs. Inheritance is never anything other than an unearned competitive advantage. That's all it can ever be. If you're for inheritance, you're for privilege and against merit. That's the inescapable bottom line. There's no conceivable meritocratic defence for inheritance.

It's obscene that a nation such as America that worships inheritance and privilege should imagine that it is in any way meritocratic. America is a shameless, anti-meritocratic plutocracy where you have close to zero chance of succeeding in life if you don't come from a privileged family and no competitive advantage has been purchased for you by your parents. The "great American novel" - The Great Gatsby - is all about how an outsider, no matter how ostensibly successful, will never be accepted by the elite and will always be destroyed by the elite.

The world divides into two types of people - those who support the public good and those who support the private good. The former have a positive attitude towards the concept of community, society, government and the State. If government is failing disastrously, it's not because there's an inherent problem with government but rather with those who typically form the government - who are usually advocates of the private good and out to feather their own nests.

Those who support the private good are opposed to community, society, government and the State. The monstrous UK prime minister Margaret Thatcher (who proclaimed, "There is no such thing as society.") was someone who hated the State and wanted to destroy it. The British rich prospered to an astonishing degree under her rule. Plainly, a government led by someone such as Thatcher is not advancing the public good one iota. For Thatcher and all supporters of the private good, there are only individuals and families, and government should stay out of their lives as much as possible. Minimal state intervention is known as "negative liberty" while significant State intervention is known as "positive liberty". Meritocracy is a positive liberty system since it actively seeks to destroy the power of private elites and dynastic families that promote nepotism and cronyism. People such as anarchists, libertarians, conservatives and free-market capitalists are advocates of the private good over the public good and are proponents of negative liberty.

In short, all authentic left wingers support the public good and all right wingers the private good (hence rule by rich private elites and dynastic families). Centrists are clueless compromisers.

All democratic nations have at least two main political parties, one broadly left wing and one broadly right wing. In America, the Democrats are nominally on the left (but are actually centrists), the Republicans are on the right and the libertarians on the far right. America has barely had any meaningful contact with true left wing politics. That might have been very different had the great Illuminatus Thomas Jefferson - a radical Jacobin - enjoyed unchallenged power in America. America would now be a left wing meritocracy devoted to the public good and reflecting the values of Plato's Republic and Jean-Jacques Rousseau's Social Contract. Tragically, Jefferson's time as President went to waste as America chose instead to deify the private good and particular will over the public good and General Will. America has been ruled by a rich elite ever since, and it makes not one jot of a difference if the Democrats or Republicans are in power.

America, instinctively, is extremely right wing, libertarian and religiously fundamentalist. It's full of rampant egoism, narcissism and the cult of the individual who fears only his "God". America is the champion of unfettered capitalism and capitalism is the economic system of the private good (rule by rich elites). No country on Earth is more in need of a revolution than America. It has the greatest degree of false consciousness to be found anywhere. It's even worse than Islamic countries! The "American Dream" is one of the most insidious delusions of all time.

America is a WASP plutocracy being ruled from Washington D.C., the heart of WASP power. America is a Judaeo-Masonic unholy alliance of Washington D.C. political power and Wall Street financial power. The Wall Street Jews and the WASP Freemasons of Washington D.C. are the true axis of evil in our world. From them came the gospel of capitalist globalization that is ruining all of our lives, and ensuring that only the rich can have power.

The WASPs and the Jews are united in their slavish devotion to the family, to nepotism, cronyism and privilege. They are religious fanatics. The Jews are extremist Zionists who believe they are the "Chosen People", and the WASP Masons are extremist Protestants who believe themselves the elect and the saved. They think they have a divine right to rule and that civilization would collapse without them.

It's up to the rest of us to show them that we - pagans and heathens - are the divine ones and to cast down their false Gods and idols, their Abrahamic devils and demons. Jesus and Zion must fall.

The Banner


If you're holding a banner proclaiming 100% inheritance tax, there can be no doubt that you are calling for the end of dynastic, privileged elites. Nothing could be more horrific to the elite than the notion that they will not be able to pass on their vast wealth to their chosen ones and that it will instead, at their deaths, be transferred to the Commonwealth to serve the public good.

The Meritocracy Movement is all about abolishing the elite and letting them know without any ambiguity that the world wants them abolished and that they are despised and reviled. The banner of 100% inheritance tax declares exactly that.

Meritocrats must refuse to vote for any political party that does not subscribe to 100% inheritance tax.

The Hour of Decision has come. We either get rid of the elite, as billions claim to want to do but seem to do nothing to actually bring about, or we admit that we are "last men" - pathetic cowards who will never do anything. In which case, we should stop our pointless moaning and whining. You have no right to complain if you're not willing to act, if you do nothing to get rid of that which you're complaining about.

Who Will Do It?

"If not us, then who? If not now, then when? Will there be a better day for it tomorrow or next year? Will it be less dangerous then? Will someone else's children have to risk their lives instead of us risking ours?" - John Lewis, Civil Rights Activist


Who's OK?

According to Eric Berne's theory of "Transactional analysis", there are four life positions that a person can hold:

1) "I'm OK and you are OK." This is a healthy position indicating that you feel good about yourself and others. This is what Meritocracy is all about.

2) "I'm OK and you are not OK." Here, you feel good about yourself but see others as defective and inferior.This is the position of the rich elites.

3) "I'm not OK and you are OK."

This characterizes a downtrodden person, lacking a proper place in life. This is the position of the underclass and all those who suck up the propaganda of the rich elite.

4) "I'm not OK and you are not OK."

This type of person is extremely bitter and thinks everyone is screwed. Such people are depressed, suicidal and susceptible to radicalization.


Inheritance of parental assets is the least natural thing of all. In the animal world, the only things offspring inherit from their parents are their genes. Everything else is up to them. That's exactly how it should be in the human world. No one anywhere should receive preferential treatment because of assets accumuluated by their parents. In Nature, if a "rich" lion dies, all of its riches are left behind. They are not passed on to the lion's offspring. Any strong creature can come along and take the lion's former riches. The laws of asset inheritance are the least natural laws of all time and represent nothing but decadence and degeneration. They are the means for the dead to control the living by selectively passing on acquired advantages to "chosen ones". Nature - outside the human sphere - accords the dead no rights at all. As soon as you die, you are no longer a player in the game of life, and you have zero ability to influence the living via your former wealth. This is how it must be in the human sphere too. The assets of the dead must automatically go to the Commonwealth, not to the "particular" wealth, the "private" wealth, of a few lucky inheritors.

There's an absurd idea that the concept of meritocracy was invented in Britain in the 1950s. "Meritocracy" is simply a rebranding of the ancient Greek word "aristocracy", meaning "rule by the best; the most fitting" and is as old as Pythagoras and Plato. In history, "aristocracy" became hopelessly contaminated with another concept - "plutocracy", rule by the rich. That is, the richest people proclaimed to the world that they were also the best people, and thus the word "aristocracy" came to be associated with financial wealth, something wholly rejected by Pythagoras and Plato. Today, the same thing is happening with "meritocracy". When Americans use this word, they are linking it to extreme privilege, i.e. they are saying that the "best" people are those who have had overwhelming competitive advantage conferred on them by virtue of having rich families. The American privileged elite have NOTHING to do with merit. The "best", the most talented, are those who in a completely unrigged race run the fastest. If you have won because the race was bought for you by your parents then you haven't demonstrated any merit whatsoever. There is in fact no meritocratic nation on Earth. A meritocracy can exist only where there is zero inheritance of wealth, so that no one can buy (or have bought for them) an artificial, anti-meritocratic advantage.

What Pythagoras and Plato had in mind when they talked of aristocracy was rule by the wisest, the smartest, the philosopher kings who had the greatest knowledge and understanding of the fundamental operations of existence itself. The last thing they had in mind was rule by greedy, selfish, psychopathic rich folk who would trample even over their own mothers for profit.

Aristocracy/meritocracy is about rule by those who most value education and reason. It has zero connection with wealth. In fact, private wealth for the leaders of society was explicitly prohibited by Pythagoras and Plato. The leaders had to live in communes without any private property at all. Their task was to serve the General Will not their own particular wills. You are caught in an immediate and fatal conflict of interest if you are seeking to make yourself rich while supposedly ruling in the interests of all. Leaders - true leaders - are devoted to the public good, not their own private good. They serve because it's the greatest honour to do so, not because they can become stinking rich off the back of it. It's obscene when aristocracy and meritocracy are linked to capitalism and the accumulation of excessive wealth, which is then passed on dynastically. This is the direct OPPOSITE of aristocracy and meritocracy. America is a hyper-privileged, right wing capitalist plutocracy. It has no connection at all with a meritocracy, which is always left wing because it serves the public good and General Will and explicitly destroys privilege wherever it finds it.

America has become astoundingly anti-meritocratic. It's an insult to its Founding Fathers, an inversion of their ideals of a just, meritorious Republic. America has just about the least social mobility on Earth. In countries such as America and Britain, your future is almost wholly determined by what address your parents live at, i.e. whether they live in a rich, privileged neighbourhood or a poor, deprived neighbourhood. If you come from the nice side of the tracks, it's almost impossible to fail. If you come from the wrong side of the tracks, it's almost impossible to succeed. That's the stark fact.

Meritocracy is a staggeringly poorly understood concept. Many left-wingers despise it because they think it is all about allowing a few talented people to trample over everyone else, and to justify their dictatorship on the basis that they are the demonstrable "best".

In fact, the best way to think of meritocracy is as a 100 metres race. In an Olympic final of this race, there will often be only a couple of metres between first and last. In a capitalist version of this race, the winner takes all. He gets vast rewards and all the other runners vanish into oblivion. That, sadly, is what many people think a meritocracy delivers. In fact, a meritocracy says that everyone should be paid what they merit. So, a runner who finishes two metres behind the winner in a meritocratic 100 metres race should get 98% percent of whatever financial rewards the winner gets. Thus, there are staggeringly small differences between what winners and losers earn in a true meritocracy. It's basically a system of great equality, with a few marginal winners and a few marginal losers. The winners get intangible rewards - glory, acclaim, admiration, and so on. That should always be sufficient for a meritocrat, but it's never good enough for a plutocrat who always wants a wholly disproportionate reward for what he has achieved. He wants the glory AND the money.

Such people are fundamentally anti-meritocratic because they want a reward that is not at all proportionate to what they authentically merit. If you win a race by 0.001 seconds, why should you earn a thousand times more than the person you defeated? There's no correspondence whatsoever between the size of your victory (your objective merit) and the size of your reward. It's precisely this "winner's premium" that plutocracy magnifies to an obscene degree. Look at European football teams. You can have one team where the players are paid an average of £100,000 per WEEK being defeated by another team where the players are paid just £1000 per week. This is possible only because the players in the rich team are only marginally better than the players in the poor team, and if the players in the poor day are having a good day while the players in the rich team are having an off day then the poor team can win. So, the marginally better players of the rich team are receiving excessive rewards that bear no resemblance to their objective extra merit over the players of the other team. We see this phenomenon throughout free-market capitalism. Tiny differences in relative merit can result - at the top of society - in enormous pay differentials. Such differentials, it can't be stressed enough, are WHOLLY UNMERITOCRATIC. They have not been earned. They have been legally "stolen" - because plutocracy is all about giving the leaders of society the legal right to reward themselves to excess ... and that's exactly what they have done to the utmost degree possible without causing a revolution. But, as ever, they have overplayed their hand. The righteous Revolution is here at last.       

Consider how the ancient Greek Olympians did things:

"The olive wreath also known as kotinos, was the prize for the winner at the ancient Olympic Games. It was an olive branch, of the wild-olive tree that grew at Olympia, intertwined to form a circle or a horse-shoe. According to Pausanias it was introduced by Heracles as a prize for the running race winner to honour his father Zeus. In the ancient Olympic Games there were no gold, silver, or bronze medals. There was only one winner per event, crowned with an olive wreath made of wild-olive leaves from a sacred tree near the temple of Zeus at Olympia. ...

"Herodotus describes the following story which is relevant to the olive wreath. Xerxes was interrogating some Arcadians after the Battle of Thermopylae. He inquired why there were so few Greek men defending the Thermopylae. The answer was 'All other men are participating in the Olympic Games'. And when asked. 'What is the prize for the winner?', 'An olive-wreath' came the answer. Then Tigranes, one of his generals uttered a most noble saying: 'Good heavens! Mardonius, what kind of men are these against whom you have brought us to fight? Men who do not compete for possessions, but for virtue.'" - Wikipedia

Plutocracies are all about possessions and inheritance while meritocracies are all about virtue and equal opportunities. Which system you prefer reveals eveything about your character (or lack thereof). 




The Question

Imagine that you had to defend an old man with a beard charged with murder in the first degree for cutting his young son's throat and then burning his body (in a "holocaust") because a voice in his head identifying itself as "God" ordered him to. You would certainly plead insanity on behalf of your client, wouldn't you? Tragically, half the people of the world think the bearded old man who was in the act of carrying out this atrocity was fully sane, utterly moral and one of the greatest human beings of all time! These lunatics call themselves "Abrahamists". They are the Jews, the Christians and the Muslims.

How dare these evil, deranged people claim to have any connection with God!

The Abortion

How much trouble would the world have been spared if the "Virgin Mary" had had an abortion! ... or if she had been stoned to death by her fellow Jews for fornicating with her "God" and getting herself knocked up (unprotected sex outside marriage - for shame!)?

So, the only "defence" in ancient Judea for getting pregnant outside marriage was to claim that God fucked you, which makes it OK, obviously. But, hey, doesn't God believe in marriage?! According to God himself, aren't you supposed to put a ring on the little lady's finger before you screw her? One law for him and one law for everyone else, it seems.

And to think that billions of credulous, gullible morons believe this greatest whopper of all time! 

Reverse Psychology

So, what would our rich elite enemies and their fellow travelers say about our plans? These are the sorts of things they typically say to us:

1) My parents don't work hard so that the State can steal their money when they die.

2) The State won't get a cent. Over my dead body.

3) Your problems aren't our problems.

4) No taxation. You're not getting any of MY money, thieves.

5) Fuck the State. Fuck the poor. They're poor because they're feckless, lazy and stupid, and they deserve everything they get.

6) Children born to poor parents deserve a shit life. Did not God say that the sins of the fathers shall be visited on their sons?

7) The State is full of looters and moochers, people who take, take and take and never give.

8) Why should we give money to poor people who will just spend it on smokes, crack and booze?

9) The government screws up everything. Let the markets run everything.

10) Liberty! No one's going to tell us what to do with our money.

11) We'll spill the blood of tyrants. We are patriots. We're the backbone of the country.

12) This is a Darwinian world. Survival isn't compulsory. If you can't stand the heat, too bad.

13) I'd do anything for my family.

14) Of course I want to give my kids an advantage. Who doesn't? Is there something fucking wrong with you?

15) The rich deserve their money. They earned it. The State shouldn't get a cent.

16) Without the rich elite, the world would descend into chaos. We can't do without them. They're the wealth creators. They're much smarter and harder working than everyone else.

17) The rich elite are God's elect, the saved. They're rich because God made them rich.

18) The State is Godless. We don't want the State getting our money. We don't want a cent spent on deadbeats. We ought to have Poor Houses and Work Houses run by charities where we can send all the scum. In fact, why not concentration camps?

19) The Big State is Communism in disguise.

20) Faith, family and flag. That's all that counts. Fuck the State.

21) The State wants to take my guns. From my cold, dead hands!

22) What's wrong with rigging the race? Isn't that what everyone would do if they got the chance?

23) Kill the poor. They're just a drain on resources. What do they contribute? Nothing.

24) Don't give the poor anything. Let them starve. The world's better off without them.

25) What's wrong with the rich owning half the world? That's capitalism - the best system the world has ever produced.

26) Markets are much more efficient than governments.

27) There's no such thing as society.

28) You're a fucking communist. You're not getting my money or my parents' money. You and what army are going to take it from me?

29) I don't give a fig for the rest of the world. They can look after themselves.

30) If you can't afford health insurance, DIE, you bum!

31) I'm sick of fucking do-gooders.

32) Don't ever dare tell me what to do. I'll do whatever I want. I was born free and no commie is ever going to dictate to me.

33) I'm only accountable to God, not to the State or anyone else.

34) My rights come from God, not from the State.

35) It's my natural, God-given right to inherit my parents' wealth.

36) Screw the poor.

37) Trample the poor. Use them for dog food.

38) Exterminate the poor. The world would be 100% improved overnight.

39) I love Ayn Rand and Ronald Reagan.

40) I am John Galt. (I am not an asshole!)

Galt versus Plato

When all's said and done, you have to decide whether you want the world to be run by Ayn Rand's fictional superhero John Galt (standing for business, wealth, the privileged elite, and getting rid of government and replacing it with unelected, unaccountable markets) or by Plato (standing for intelligence, reason, fairness, justice, morality, merit and getting rid of unaccountable markets and replacing them with accountable government).

John Galt or Plato ... businessmen or the intelligentsia, the privileged or the meritocratic, the rich or the people, the private or the public, the particular or the general. Which side are you on?

The history of the world is the history of rule by rich elites in various guises. The world has never been ruled by smart people (meritocrats). If you want change, the only meaningful change is for the rich to be overthrown and replaced by meritocrats.

The Star Trek TV series shows what a meritocratic future looks like. There are no rich elites in Star Trek. Capitalism doesn't exist. John Galt will never take us to other galaxies. Smart people will.

Rich people serving themselves or smart people serving everyone... who's best for our world? You decide.

Should money or reason rule the world? If money, we will always be ruled by the rich elites, serving their own interests, not ours. If reason, money will be completely downgraded, the rich elites will be abolished and humanity will rationally plan paradise for itself, for everyone. What's it to be? Are you a supporter of the rich and powerful or of the smart and talented?

You can't say, as the Occupy movement did, "We want to get rid of the rich elite, but we have no idea what to put in their place - and we all disagree about what comes next." That can accomplish nothing, and indeed did accomplish nothing. You have to say something crystal clear, namely, "We don't want to be ruled by the privileged rich out for themselves, we want to be ruled by the meritocratic smart, out for everyone."  

Ultimately, the choice is between irrational markets governing our lives, or the rational minds of the world's smartest people. Hitherto, the richest people - the beneficiaries of markets - have been worshiped, and the smartest people - the geniuses who have truly transformed our world - have been reviled. To many people, intelligence is obnoxious. As Nietzsche said, "Arrogance on the part of the meritorious is even more offensive to us than the arrogance of those without merit: for merit itself is offensive."

That's the truth of it. Wealth is admired and revered and merit feared and loathed. The world will never change until this basic formula changes.

All stupid people can dream about becoming rich (even though they never will be rich). They cannot dream about being smart (and they never will be smart). You can win a lottery and become rich; you can't have an intelligence transplant or upgrade. Wealth feeds into Mythos, merit into Logos. We live in a Mythos world where the rich are ersatz Gods. We need to live in a Logos world where geniuses are the most admired and respected of us.

Humanity needs a new dream - of the rational project to build heaven on earth. The old dream of "me, me, me getting rich, rich, rich" is decrepit, infantile and has demonstrably failed for all but the 1% who have never had it so good - at our expense.

The old Gods are dead. Long live the new Gods.





"Predistribution is the idea that the state should try to prevent inequalities occurring in the first place rather than ameliorating inequalities through the tax and benefits system once they have occurred as occurs under redistribution." - Wikipedia

Meritocracy is both redistributive (in the short term) and predistributive (in the long term). 100% inheritance tax (including a block on all attempts to circumvent it) will redistribute the extreme wealth of the super rich to the people, and on an ongoing basis rational laws will be implemented to make it unnecessary for redistribution ever to be needed again since the world will never again be so unequal.

The central doctrine of free-market capitalism is that private individuals operating in their own ruthless, private, selfish interests are the right people to determine the economic health of a nation. Upon these individuals, the livelihoods of everyone else should depend, supposedly.

Can any rational person consider this sane? The financial meltdown of 2008 when capitalism itself went bankrupt and had to be bailed out by socialism proves once and for all that it's lunacy to allow the personal greed of a few bankers, traders, politicians, and CEOs to rule our lives. Never again should our economic destiny be placed in the hands of the private sector. The economic well-being of nation must be under direct control of its people with every senior official elected by the people, accountable to the people, and dismissible and prosecutable by the people in the case of incompetence, recklessness or pursuit of naked self-interest and greed.

The defining question of the future will be who should run the global economy - unelected, unaccountable private banks, stock markets and corporations, or elected governments serving the interests of their people? Should the global economy be under private or public control? This is the difference between "free-market" capitalism and "social" capitalism. Capitalism must serve the public good, not be about enriching a tiny elite.

Ask yourself a very simple question. Do you want your job and career prospects to be in the hands of private individuals - functional psychopaths and sociopaths! - who will do anything to enrich themselves with no consideration for others? Or do you want your fate to be in the hands of a rational, elected, meritocratic government charged with serving the public good and with guaranteeing you an equal opportunity in life?

Why is there even a need for a debate? Only the deranged would wish a private elite to control the public arena. It's testimony to the effectiveness of the propaganda of the elite that they have suckered billions into believing that private is best. Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged is the Bible of this demented ideology, which proclaims that selfishness is "virtuous"! "Greed is good" is literally the principle by which the private elite rule us. Do you agree with them?



Two Masters

You cannot have two masters. You cannot have a private and public master. The private elite of the super rich made themselves the true master via the "free markets" - which they completely rigged and dominated - but they ingeniously created the illusion of democracy to dupe the public into thinking they were the true master.

If - as a member of the public - you are the true master then you will know it ... because you will be in charge of your own destiny. You know for a fact that you are not the master of your own fate if people and things over which you have not one jot of influence are entirely determining your life.

Well, ask yourself the simplest question - are you the master of your own life, or are you the slave of the decisions of others? 99% of the world are slaves. Isn't it time they changed the channel?

The world can be ruled by unelected, unaccountable private elites or by elected, accountable meritocrats. What's it to be?

Will you be ruled by irrational "free-market" economics serving the private good, or rational, planned economics serving the public good? Your choice.

Ayn Rand (standing for markets controlled by rich elites) or Plato (standing for wise meritocrats ruling justly for all) - whom will you choose?

The objective of the Revolution could not be clearer - the complete annihilation of private power over the public sphere. This is the sine qua non of the Revolution. This means the end of free-market capitalism run by unelected, unaccountable elites and its replacement with social capitalism by elected, accountable meritocrats. If you do not agree with this, you are a Counter Revolutionary, a conservative and reactionary, whose sympathies lie with the private elites. You yourself are therefore an enemy of the people.

The Occupy Movement failed because it did not have a stated objective, hence was all things to all men. The Occupy Movement was a mixture of extreme right wing libertarians calling for the end of government and its replacement by markets, of left wing anarchists who wanted to destroy the State, of New Age hippie dreamers, of socialists, left wing reformers, do gooders and moralists - a catastrophic alliance of incompatibles.

A movement can succeed only if everyone in it agrees with one objective. Our objective is crystal clear - the removal of the power of private rich elites forever, and that means the removal of all of their assets when they die, via 100% inheritance tax. The Revolution is about the overthrow of irrational free-market capitalism that delivers a super rich elite and catastrophic cycles of boom and bust, and putting in its place meritocratic, rational capitalism controlled by elected, accountable economic geniuses serving the public where boom and bust is ended for good. We are not arguing for the end of capitalism but for the end of the capitalism that stands outside the control of the people. If the people are not in charge of capitalism then they are its slaves ... the slaves of the private elites who currently control capitalism.

This is the Revolution of the Second Enlightenment. The First Enlightenment eroded the power of popes, priests, monarchs and nobles. The Second Enlightenment will destroy the power of the private elites and the religious and media propaganda they have used to construct a false consciousness in the minds of the people. Join the Enlightenment War, the Revolution that will decide humanity's future.

To learn more about the Revolutionary Manifesto for an entirely new humanity, see the samizdat ebooks by Adam Weishaupt, Michael Faust and Mike Hockney (especially the "God Series").

The Last Bling King by Mike Hockney is the Illuminati's reply to Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged. The Armageddon Conspiracy by Mike Hockney is about an ancient plot to kill the Abrahamic God. Which side are you on? Are you with the Illuminati and on the side of a wholly transformed humanity, or with Rand and the forces of the super rich, reaction, conservatism and counter-revolution? The time has come to make up your mind. What is your sacred cause? If you don't choose then you are one of the Ignavi - those who are so despised that they are rejected by heaven and hell alike.

"[Politicians exist] solely to protect the interests of the rich and powerful. They're not there for you." - Russell Brand

Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up!

This is not a rehearsal. This is YOUR LIFE. Take control of it. Destroy the rich elite. You have failed to understand a single thing about reality if you have not grasped that the rich are what stand between you and an equal chance in life.

It's the rich versus the people. It's them or us. The ancient Athenian people introduced democracy - "people power" - to defeat the rich oligarchs of their time. Now the rich oligarchs have worked out how to circumvent democracy with "the market", which is unelected and unaccountable to the people. The rich tolerate democracy precisely because it has zero power over them. The Bilderberg Group couldn't care less what the people think about anything at all.

Yet the Bilderberg Group are just a bunch of fat, irrelevant old men. They're dinosaurs who haven't received the email telling them they're extinct. They're the undead. They're a decrepit convocation of wizards - the Wizards of Oz. It's time we called their bluff.

The Lost Dream

All young people dream of the life they think they will soon have. Instead, they're enduring a nightmare. Their expectations have been raised sky high, but governments aren't delivering. Why not? Because the powers that be have a wholly different set of priorities - enriching themselves and grabbing as much for themselves as they can while the going's good.

The gap between what people want from life and what it's actually delivering for most people is growing wider and wider. It's becoming a chasm - and that spells the end for the ruling elite.

America likes to think of itself as a classless, meritocratic society, yet it now lags behind fossilized Europe in terms of inequality and social mobility. Britain is the least socially mobile part of Europe - and most like America!

The Pew Economic Mobility Project shows that American children from a rich background without a college degree are 2.5 times more likely to end up rich than children from a poor background with a degree. Well, that's American "meritocracy" for you - what everyone else calls privilege, nepotism and cronyism.

It's extremely hard to rise in America,  and even harder to fall, i.e. the rich don't like any outsiders entering  their charmed circle, and they don't let any of their own kind fall out.

And it's getting worse.

Inequality is breeding more inequality. The rich are marrying each other - just as medieval European aristocratic families once did. They're breeding all-powerful hereditary dynasties - and we're all letting them get away with it.   

In Canada, 70 percent of the sons of Canada's top 1 percent have worked where their fathers worked. No problems for them in getting work experience and good, lucrative jobs.

Education has become the latest capitalist trick. They tell you that a degree is the way out. It's not. It's yet another delusion. All the best jobs are reserved for the privileged elite. If you want a chance, you have to destroy privilege and replace it with a genuine meritocracy where there's no such thing as an entrenched super rich elite dictating to everyone else.

What do young people want? They want fairness, an equal chance, a more equal form of capitalism, higher quality cities and homes, more freedom to express their true selves, better education, better jobs and careers. And what's wrong with that? Nothing at all. What's preventing them from getting it? Their own governments that are instead serving the needs of the rich elites that control the whole political process and have bought their puppet democratic "leaders" lock, stock and barrel.

The protests aren't going away. They keep bubbling up all over the world, and one day soon they're going to explode everywhere at once. The commentators, pundits and propagandists of the Old World Order keep pronouncing the global unrest dead. But it isn't. These fools don't realize their world has already fallen. They are Dead Man walking. Just before the French Revolution, the French aristocrats thought they had never had it so good. They ignored all the signs of impending catastrophe, but it was delivered soon enough. Today's elite are equally blind. They haven't grasped that they have wholly lost the trust and respect of the people. If they had any intelligence at all, they would be appearing in sackcloths, begging for forgiveness and giving away most of their wealth to the people. But the elite are always too stupid for that.

Tick, tock!



The Phoney War

The Cold War was presented as a great battle between Western freedom and Eastern tyranny. It was nothing of the kind. It was in fact the struggle between two brutal elites: the totalitarian elite of the Soviet Communist Party who thought they had to control every aspect of their people's lives to keep them in check, and the capitalist elite who had worked out how to make "freedom" profitable via the sham choices of capitalist consumerism. Both elites were all about control and the maintenance of their own power, but one did so through repression and the other through deception. They were as bad as each other.

Communism's death knell in 1989 was presented as a demonstration that people prized individual capitalist "freedom" to communism. With the left wing ideology shattered, the world took an almighty lurch to the right. No longer concerned about having to offer any sops to left wingers, the right wingers did what they had always wanted to do. They shouted at the top of their voices, "Greed is good; selfishness is virtuous; money talks and the more money you have the more you're heard (and if you have no money, you're voiceless and invisible)." The shackles were off. A huge transfer of wealth took place from ordinary people to the elite. Where CEOs were once paid about fifty times what their average employees were paid, they started to be paid hundreds and even thousands of times more. Anyone who could, started paying themselves a fortune. Those who couldn't kept having their pay cut. Well, that's free-market capitalism for you.

The Communist Party was once associated with cronyism, repression, and anti-freedom. Now the capitalist elite are exposed as the supreme advocates of cronyism, nepotism, privilege, repression and anti-freedom. They were just cleverer about how they concealed their agenda. The only freedom they truly offer is the freedom to buy their consumer goods and make them even richer - and that's no freedom at all. Protest about it and they send in their repressive police, just like the Soviets.

As George Orwell said in Animal Farm regarding the humans (the capitalists) and the pigs (the communists), "The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again; but already it was impossible to say which was which."

Communism died in 1989. Free-market capitalism died in 2008 when it became insolvent and had to be bailed out by socialist means. The communist and capitalist elites were as vile and self-interested as each other. They had no interest in their respective people. Being free to go shopping is not what freedom means. People crave true freedom - to shape their own lives and control their own destiny. That is the most basic human right, and neither communism nor free-market capitalism delivered it. Meritocracy WILL deliver. That's what it's designed for.




Merit versus Political Patronage

We live in a world where politics isn't controlled by merit but by political patronage. Politicians are approved by the rich, appointed by the rich and play the rich man's game. Can you remember the last time any politician ever took on the rich and acted against the interests of the rich? It has become impossible to conceive of such a thing.
The political process itself is farcical. It's an exercise in superficiality, trivia and platitudinous soundbites. There's no intellectual content. All introverts are ruled out of politics because it has been turned into a circus of extraversion, with every politician having to shake hands, kiss babies, manically pursue photo opportunities, please the media, and avoid saying anything that might be construed as a serious, intelligent opinion rather than dumbed down, lowest common denominator party-political rhetoric.

The Final Conflict

The Final War has come, the War to end all Wars. This was the War that could never be avoided because it is in fact the war to define what it means to be human and to determine the future of humanity. It's nothing less than the Battle of Armageddon for the human soul!

The Platonic Soul

Plato divided the soul into three components: reason, spirit (courage) and desire (appetite). Reason is the immortal part of the soul. Spirit and desire are mortal and die with the body. The more rational you are, the more divine you are.

Humanity has hitherto been run according to spirit and courage (military power; might is right) and appetite (desire for sex, food, drink, luxury, wealth, power, entertainment, sensory pleasure, safety, security, to be with God in heaven and to avoid hell). Monarchies, dictatorships and theocracies have always been backed up by military power. In today's world, capitalism is the economic means for satisfying primitive appetites and desires, and those who are best at appealing to our base, animal aspects have become extremely rich and now rule over us like medieval kings and popes. It's no mistake that capitalism has zero intellectual content. Is it even possible to conceive of an intellectual capitalist? In a 100% capitalist world, reason would be completely dead. Reason serves no capitalist purpose. Adverts deliberately bypass the rational mind and go straight to the most primitive part of the brain concerned with basic desire.

If humanity remains locked into spirit and appetite, it will be forever bestial. The future of humanity is to become guided by reason rather than animal desire. Humanity will undergo a split. Higher Humanity (Logos Humanity) will be Platonic, advocating the spread of rational enlightenment. Lower Humanity (Mythos Humanity) will remain trapped in the prison of the senses and feelings, of religious faith and delusion, of capitalist consumption and anti-intellectualism.

It is Lower Humanity - the overwhelming majority of the human race - that buys into capitalism and worships the rich elite. Higher Humanity can no longer pretend to like and tolerate Lower Humanity. A formal divorce must take place and Humanity must split into two - the Platonic immortals dedicated to reason, and the Bestial mortals devoted to satisfying their base desires. Higher Humanity is humanity's future. Lower Humanity is humanity's animal aspect that will be shed in due course and become extinct. Only via reason can we become Gods. Rational people don't get on their knees and worship Gods; they stand up straight and become Gods themselves.

Are you one of the slaves of the Abrahamic "God" - or do you reject that monster, that Torture God, entirely? You will have no God except yourself.

Paul MacLean's triune model of the brain perfectly complements Plato's view of the soul. MacLean said we have a primitive Reptilian brain at the centre of our brain, dealing with basic survival functions and reproduction. It's all about food, fighting, fleeing (when necessary) and fucking. Upon this was built the mammalian limbic system which gives us our feelings. Finally came the neocortex which gave us our reason.

So, the Reptilian brain reflects Plato's lowest part of the soul dealing with desire, will and appetites. The limbic system reflects Plato's middle part of the soul of spirit, feelings and courage, and the neocortex reflects Plato's highest part of the soul - reason.

Capitalism is dictated by the Reptilian brain. Abrahamism and Karmism are dictated by the Reptilian brain and limbic system. The Enlightenment - and humanity's future - is all about the neocortex ... about rationalism.

The Star Trek future is available only to rationalists, not to people of faith, capitalist consumption and worship of rich elites. The Star Trek world is a rationalist meritocratic world. In Star Trek, the elite have gone, capitalism has gone, money has gone, faith has gone, Abrahamism has gone, Karmism has gone. Humanity has become ENLIGHTENED!

The War - the Combatants 



The enemy are the rich, the political establishment and their enforcers in the police and army (class traitors, guilty of crimes against the people), the priest caste (popes, pastors, prophets, preachers, imams and rabbis) and the media moguls who deliver the Old World Order's insidious propaganda designed to create a false consciousness in the people.

Who will the heroes be? The answer is STUDENTS.

Students have been destroyed by the rich elites. All over the world, graduates can find no jobs and careers. They have huge debts and no hope. The future ought to be theirs and yet they are being denied this future by the corrupt elites and banksters who have stolen all the money. Nepotism, cronyism and privilege are rife. If you don't have a golden ticket into the inner circle, the in-crowd, you're well and truly fucked. Your dreams will never come true - unless you get rid of your oppressors!

Education has become business, an extension of capitalism. True education has been killed off by the elites; they had no need of it.

To all students we say this, you have been utterly conned and betrayed. You are the Lost Generation, and the elite don't care. They're sitting pretty, as always. You mean nothing to the elite. They are concerned only with themselves and their families. As for you, you can go fuck yourselves as far as the elite are concerned.

Well, what are you going to do about it?


It's time for a Global Student Uprising, for the students from every university on Earth to come together and to wage war on behalf of the Second Enlightenment. This time Abrahamism will fall, and the rich elites will go with it. We will enter the true Age of Reason.

It's time for all schoolkids, college students, undergraduates, graduates, postgraduates, academics, all smart and talented people, all meritocrats, all rational people everywhere, everyone who wants a Star Trek future, to come together and declare all-out war on the rich elite. We are going to take all of their money from them and redistribute it. They will pay - literally - for what they have done to the world. They wrecked the global economy and destroyed the future of students everywhere, and now they are the ones who must pick up the tab. They wrecked it. They can fix it - with their own money.

The elites must fall. 100% inheritance tax is what destroys them and delivers a world of equal opportunities and meritocracy.

It's time for the student uprising of Paris 1968 to become the GLOBAL student uprising of 2017. The students (the educated) versus the greedy rich for the soul of humanity:  this is the preordained war, the true holy war.

Students are the holy warriors and the false gods of the rich elite are those that must be cast down. There's no time or space for bullshit conspiracy theories. There's only one conspiracy - that of the capitalist super rich elite against everyone else. All of the super rich are your enemies. There are no exceptions. Steve Jobs wasn't a "nice", "caring", "cuddly" hippie capitalist. He was a ruthless capitalist billionaire predator, denying you your future. He's not rendered a good guy because you like his extremely expensive iPhone or iMac, to the joy of Apple's rapacious shareholders. Mark Zuckerberg isn't a nice guy for giving you a Facebook platform that allows you to turn yourself into a commodity for sale to capitalist advertisers (to make him a fortune) and to allow your capitalist government to spy on you. Wake up! Stop being suckers. Stop buying into the false consciousness they have sold you.

What will the Students be fighting for? - their own future, the one being denied to them by the privileged elite who have seized all the resources for themselves and their families.

If students aren't willing to fight for reason, and would prefer to wallow in their appetites and self-indulgent feelings, then the human race doesn't have a future and will become extinct. It deserves this fate if it turns its back on reason.

Students stand for education and the rule of reason. The rich elite stand for greed and the rule of money. Shall education or money determine humanity's future? Every student everywhere in the world should rise up against Mammon and replace him with Apollo, God of Reason. When students need to party, they have Dionysus to turn to. But there can be no Dionysian parties if students don't have jobs and careers because the world has been turned into a Waste Land by the greed of the capitalist elite. If you want to party, you must first have a rational, Apollonian world devoted to reason, enlightenment, meritocracy and the public good. Only then will people have the lives and careers they long for, and the best reasons to party.

No one is entitled to a good and happy future. We have to fight for it. Above all, we have to fight the rich, private elite and subject them to public control.            

The Global Student Army must arise and pit themselves directly against the rich elite and strip them of all their wealth, power and control. Only then can the world live.

Do not vote in any democratic elections except for parties advocating 100% inheritance tax. If you are in constituencies with a strong student presence, set up your own Student Party and campaign for 100% inheritance tax - to be used to pay off all your student debts. And, critically, the banking system must be removed from private hands and brought under the absolute control of the people. Get smart. Get wise. Get active. No one is coming to save you. You have to save yourselves.

Capitalism - where the rich elites rule. Where money defines you.

To be replaced by ... Plato's Republic where the wisest rule and reason defines you.


Money Street or Reason Street?

Shall we ruled by money (the rich elite) or reason (the smart and wise). That's the choice for all of us and we MUST make  our choice. If you make no choice then you have by default chosen money since that's the status quo.

The rich elite stole your future from you. Take it back. Give yourself an equal chance.

We must reboot the world. We must reset everything. We have to get rid of all the accumulated errors of the past.

Optimates and Populares

Nothing ever changes. In ancient Rome, the party of the rich were called the Optimates and the party of the people were the Populares.

"The optimates ('Best Men,' singular optimas; also known as boni, 'Good Men') were the traditionalist majority of the late Roman Republic. They wished to limit the power of the popular assemblies and the Tribunes of the Plebs, and to extend the power of the Senate, which was viewed as more dedicated to the interests of the aristocrats who held the reins of power. In particular, they were concerned with the rise of individual generals who, backed by the tribunate, the assemblies and their own soldiers, could shift power from the Senate and aristocracy. They were opposed by the populares. ... The optimates favored the nobiles and opposed the ascension of novi homines into Roman politics." - Wikipedia

Hitherto, the Optimates, and their modern equivalents, have always won, even if they've had to pretend to pander to the masses via their great "democratic" con. It's time for the Populares to win, and to put the Optimates out of business for good.

Become the enlightened ones, the shining ones - the Illuminati. Complete Adam Weishaupt's work to overthrow monarchs, the nobility and the priests - and replace them with a rational meritocracy. "The human race will then become one family, and the world will be the dwelling of Rational Men." - Adam Weishaupt

It's time for the rebirth of the Situationist International. It's time to overthrow the Society of the Spectacle that has cast a deadly spell over everyone.

"Young people everywhere have been allowed to choose between love and a garbage disposal unit. Everywhere they have chosen the garbage disposal unit."― Guy Debord

"The more powerful the class, the more it claims not to exist." ― Guy Debord

"Everything that was directly lived has moved away into a representation. " ― Guy Debord

"... just as early industrial capitalism moved the focus of existence from being to having, post-industrial culture has moved that focus from having to appearing." ― Guy Debord

"The more he identifies with the dominant images of need, the less he understands his own life and his own desires. The spectacle's estrangement from the acting subject is expressed by the fact that the individual's gestures are no longer his own; they are the gestures of someone else who represents them to him." ― Guy Debord, The Society of the Spectacle

"Tourism, human circulation considered as consumption is fundamentally nothing more than the leisure of going to see what has become banal." ― Guy Debord

"Revolution is not 'showing' life to people, but making them live. A revolutionary organization must always remember that its objective is not getting its adherents to listen to convincing talks by expert leaders, but getting them to speak for themselves, in order to achieve, or at least strive toward, an equal degree of participation."― Guy Debord

"He will essentially follow the language of the spectacle, for it is the only one he is familiar with." ― Guy Debord

"The passions have been sufficiently interpreted; the point now is to discover new ones." ― Guy Debord

"Every given commodity fights for itself, cannot acknowledge the others, and attempts to impose itself everywhere as if it were the only one. The spectacle, then is the epic poem of this struggle, an epic which cannot be concluded by the fall of any Troy. The spectacle does not sing the praises of men and their weapons, but of commodities and their passions. In this blind struggle every commodity, pursuing its passion, unconsciously realizes something higher: the becoming-world of the commodity, which is also the becoming-commodity of the world. Thus, by means of a ruse of commodity logic, what's specific in the commodity wears itself out in the fight while the commodity-form moves toward its absolute realization." ― Guy Debord

"The spectacle is capital accumulated to the point where it becomes image." ― Guy Debord

"The spectacle is the nightmare of imprisoned modern society which ultimately expresses nothing more than its desire to sleep. The spectacle is the guardian of sleep." ― Guy Debord

"In societies where modern conditions of production prevail, all of life presents itself as an immense accumulation of spectacles." ― Guy Debord



It's time to take to the streets. It's time to man the barricades. It's time to reboot our world, to start again.

Students of the World, Unite. You have nothing to lose but your debts. You have the whole world to gain!

A spectre is haunting the world - the spectre of Student Power. All the powers of the old World Order have entered into an  unholy alliance to exorcise this spectre: Pope and super rich, rabbis, imams, CEOs, banksters, presidents, prime ministers, chancellors, nobles, monarchs, bully-boy soldiers, police-spies. But it is we who shall exorcise them!

If the Students - who have their entire futures on the line - can't topple the rich elite, who can? This is our sacred hour, this is our holy cause - freeing humanity from the dead past, from the Old World Order who trampled over the bones of our ancestors and over us too.

Vengeance shall be ours. This is our Vendetta. This is our Liberation. Who can stop the worldwide United Student Front, the Army of the Reason, the Army of the Second Enlightenment?

To all students, the world is yours - TAKE IT! Who's going to stop you? You are the educated future of the human race.

It's time to build our own Eden. We don't need "God".



1776, 1789, 1917 ... 2017?


The New Human Race

The Higher Human Race

The Illuminated Human Race

The Illuminati

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