The Right-Brain God (The Divine Series Book 2) by [Faust, Michael]

The Right-Brain God

One of the great secrets of human existence is that everyone has an in-built kit for communicating with their soul. The problem for most people is that they don't know what the protocol is. In times of crisis, great stress or exceptional circumstances, they can inadvertently stumble on the right protocol for a few moments and enjoy the astonishing experience of encountering their soul. These are "epiphanies" and often they become the centerpiece of people's lives.
Will you be one of the rare few who can enjoy the infinite good fortune of being able to make full soul contact, the greatest experience of all?
Where is the soul? There is very good evidence that the right hemisphere of our brain is our link to the soul dimension, and to God himself.








Deadly Empiricism

PBS did a great documentary about the 1918 Spanish Flu in the USA. What's truly shocking is that the 2020 response to COVID-19 is barely any more sophisticated than what happened back then. In 1918, TV didn't exist, radio barely existed, computers didn't exist, cellphones didn't exist, and the vast majority of people didn't have home phones. The internet certainly didn't exist. People got their news from newspapers and newsreels. It was very hard for the government, or any central authority, to communicate in any timely way with each citizen. Moreover, scientific knowledge and understanding in 1918 was as nothing compared to today.

The advantages we enjoy today over 1918 are overwhelming, yet our leaders are proving no more effective than those of a century ago, who had far fewer levers to pull. This is a true scandal. 

Given that the global Spanish Flu pandemic killed more people than the First World War did, you would imagine that preparation for a pandemic would be close to a No.1 priority for all world governments. When global nuclear war was a strong possibility, schoolchildren were routinely asked to carry out drills for what to do if nuclear missiles headed their way. Booklets were distributed to every household giving instructions on how to survive the aftermath of a nuclear war.

Why, for the last century, have governments not had a pandemic PLAN, with clear instructions issued to every household regarding what to do at the first hint of a pandemic?

It's not the job of ordinary people to worry about these things, but it's certainly the job of governments. Their proven lack of preparedness to deal with a pandemic in 2020 is off the scale. It practically amounts to criminal negligence. The degree of complacency has been staggering. If these politicians are unfit for purpose in a pandemic, why should we imagine they are fit for ANY purpose? If they can't get the big things right, how can they get the little things right? They are incompetent and they have proved it. They are incompetent at everything because they are systematically blind to all the things that really count.

People have been warning about a pandemic for decades. It's not as if this came out of the blue. SARS, MERS, Swine Flu, Ebola, and so on, have all happened in recent times and any of them could easily have become a full-blown pandemic like COVID-19. It was pure luck they didn't. There were clear warnings, but who acted on the warnings? No one. Aren't governments supposed to react to grave warnings? Aren't they supposed to take precautions and have detailed plans ready, of which every citizen is aware, since every citizen is affected by a pandemic and could literally die because of it? Before this pandemic began, did you have a booklet at home explaining the government's basic plan in the event of a pandemic? You must be joking. No one knew anything. No one had any official information and advice, no one had any procedure to follow. It was as if we were facing the first plague in human history rather than the latest in a very long line. And bear in mind that the people today are the most interconnected human beings, with the most information at their disposal, that have ever existed. How then is it possible that they are barely better off than people in medieval Europe facing the Black Death? Just like them, they have been subjected to the crudest lockdowns and quarantines. It's as if, for all our glorious technology and knowledge, we haven't really moved on at all.

It's not the people's fault. They weren't in charge when the pandemic came calling. But every government is 100% culpable. They ARE in charge. Their job is to be ready for exactly events such as this. If they are not on the ball with regard to pandemics which affect everyone, they are not on the ball with regard to anything else, hence are unfit to be in charge. Who are these clowns? Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson, UK prime minister, has a degree in Classics. Donald Trump, the USA president, is a reality TV star. WTF! How could these clowns ever have a clue about how to deal with a pandemic? They are the worst possible leaders, and look how catastrophic the UK and US responses to the pandemic have been. 1 + 1 = 2. Put idiots in power and you get Idiocracy outcomes.

Joseph de Maistre said, "Every nation gets the government it deserves." Indeed!

But should our greatest contempt in fact be reserved for the scientists who advised the world's governments during this pandemic? This pandemic has been treated as a scientific problem when in fact it's something completely different. It's a DATA problem.

In the Spanish Flu pandemic, governments had no ability to treat the problem as an information problem, as a data problem - since they didn't have the necessary technological infrastructure. But now every government does. Every citizen has a TV, smartphone, cellphone or ordinary phone. Most people have personal computers. Nearly everyone has access to the internet.

Every single person today has the means to communicate to the government or central health authority critical data about this pandemic that could be used to quash it in no time at all. Instead, we are all held prisoner by the ideology and closed-minded paradigm of scientism.

To understand the sheer scale of the scientific failure, it's essential to understand what the scientific gold standard would be in these circumstances. Here it is. Imagine a 100% accurate test for COVID-19, and 100% of the population being tested every single day of the pandemic. Everyone who tested positive - which would constitute scientific data, scientific fact, scientific evidence - would be asked to self-isolate and given medical treatment if necessary. The pandemic would be over in no time. We would have total visibility of the disease. We would know who had it and we could remove them from circulation until they are cured.

The problem, of course, is that we don't have anything like this gold standard. We have the SHIT standard. The scientific tests are unreliable. Loads of tests are conducted badly or analyzed badly or become corrupted in the lab and loads of false positives and false negatives are generated. Only a tiny fraction of the population can be tested each day, and the test itself becomes useless - out of date - almost immediately. You could be infected five minutes before the test and the test will of course fail to detect the virus because the virus isn't yet detectable (but it soon will be), or you could be infected on the way home from the test, and then subsequently receive a result saying you are "clear". But you're not. And who knows when you will next be tested?!

Yet so much of the bandwidth of the scientific thinking applied to this pandemic revolves around testing, as if it had some sacred, infallible quality. In fact, testing in and of itself is an incredibly poor tool unless you have a testing regime very close to the gold standard, and the exact opposite is the case.

If you have got the pandemic down to a few infected people and you have an excellent test, track and trace system in place - as in South Korea - that will do the trick. But most countries won't emulate the South Korean situation, especially countries like the USA, where the people have been so conditioned against government as to be resistant to having their movements tracked by any kind of government body, even in the midst of a lethal pandemic. (Even now, many Americans believe that the pandemic is a hoax, that a conspiracy is under way to disarm the people and get the people off the streets to secretly inaugurate the New World Order, that no one has died and the government is just inventing numbers, or that everyone actually died of something else, such as ordinary flu, that the "puppetmasters" are trying to destroy the economy, that the "Deep State" are trying to get rid of Trump, that China is waging biological war on the USA, and so on.)

The scientific "solution" to the pandemic is problematic in the extreme. Remember, science is all about "facts" and that means all about testing since testing is the sole means to establish the scientific "facts". But if the testing regime is ineffective, the whole scientific response is necessarily ineffective too. However, if you are locked into scientism, as all the scientific advisers are, there's no escape. There's nowhere else to go. All of their thinking revolves around the scientific "facts" and thus testing, and no other ideas ever enter their heads. They are incapable of thinking other thoughts, different thoughts, more relevant and productive thoughts.

An intelligent country would simply ask: "In the absence of the scientific gold standard, is there anything else we could do that would achieve similar results, that would approximate what the gold standard would deliver? What would give us good visibility of this pandemic to allow us to put out all the viral fires?"

There is! Thanks to modern technology, a DATA response to this problem is possible and even simple. We don't need any scientific testing AT ALL. So, what is the data-based gold standard regarding a pandemic? Here's how it goes…

Before the pandemic reaches a nation, 100% of the nation's population are free of the infection. That's the Zero-Point data, the baseline. Once the infection has entered the country, every single person then becomes a simple data binary: they either have the infection or they don't. If you're not infected, you don't have to do anything. Your base state hasn't changed. The system is only interested in changes to the default state. If your baseline health alters IN ANY WAY, you must assume you have been infected. (It doesn't matter if it turns out to be a false positive and something else has caused your illness - the task is to get every ill person out of circulation until they are healthy again, and that will automatically cater for all genuinely infected individuals too). Even if you are feeling fine but you have suddenly developed peculiar symptoms - such as a strange rash, a tingle in your fingers, increased tiredness, or loss of energy, or whatever, then ASSUME you are infected. Always assume that anything out of the ordinary that happens to your health in a pandemic is attributable to the pandemic and you are infected. Always be maximally cautious. (If you don't, you may kill others, and may get yourself killed.)

The system requires that everyone who has any suspicion at all that they are infected must communicate to the central health authority that they are now to be regarded as infected. They give their address and they go into self-isolation. The central health authority, by collecting and processing this data, now has a means to see exactly where the newly ill people, or people who are not ill but have acquired odd symptoms, are located. The infection is now visible. The national health authority can see what parts of the country are hot spots and need to be locked down. Everywhere else, where no infection is visible, can continue as normal.

Do you see that no "science" is involved here? Tests designed to objectively tell whether a person is infected or not are replaced by people subjectively assessing themselves as infected or not. Why would a person's self-assessment be any less reliable than a test, which we know can generate false positives and false negatives? A person's own diagnosis will be every bit as reliable, or even more reliable.

However, to make this data system better - and to remove any possibility of people dishonestly reporting their condition for perverse reasons - we can of course combine it with scientific testing. So, when anyone self-declares that they are infected, this triggers a response from a mobile testing unit who go round and test the person and thus provide a scientific "fact" as to whether or not the person is infected.

In this way, a staggeringly simple way, the pandemic problem is ended for good in a couple of weeks. The infected very quickly become visible - thanks to self-diagnosis and communicating this fact to the central authority - and they are immediately isolated until they are healthy again. This is the intelligent, targeted version of quarantine. You use technology to quarantine specific individuals rather than quarantining the whole country!

The trouble is that NO ONE in the science establishment ever thinks like this. Scientists think scientifically, which means they carry out the steps required by their paradigm. There's no point asking them to create a data solution based on self-reporting since no scientist regards that as science: there are no objective, tested "facts". Scientists don't know anything about data in the sense we have described. The people we would go to are university computing, data and modeling experts, and even the data mining executives of corporations like amazon, facebook, twitter, google, and so on since their entire business model is data-driven.

You could in fact simply reframe the pandemic problem in terms of a commercial problem: how to start and track the progress of a viral advertising campaign, for example. Let's imagine one person in the nation - Person Zero - getting "infected" by an advert. That person loves the ad and starts sending it to his friends. Some of them become infected, and then they start infecting others with enthusiasm for the ad. The advertising campaign soon goes viral. How could a rival that wanted to stop this campaign go about it? Could they identify everyone infected by the original campaign and then "cure" them so that they no longer transmit the viral campaign?

Do you see how we're dealing with data modeling, not with "science"? If we could very easily solve the problem through data analysis, why wouldn't we? Why do we have to go through some clunky, cumbersome scientific process requiring a huge, expensive infrastructure, and involving a very slow and unresponsive testing system? If you get tested on Monday and you don't get your result back until Friday, but you were in fact infected on Wednesday while you were waiting, the whole process is worthless! It's generating totally false data.

We need data that is accurate daily - and that's exactly what a system of self-reporting achieves. "Testing" doesn't. Testing is out of date within 24 hours, and who knows when you will be tested again.     

Scientists are all groupthinkers, locked into the whole "testing" paradigm. They cannot think outside the box. They can't do any lateral thinking. All the smart people who think differently are kept out of the loop. All the people who could best solve this pandemic problem are never consulted. They are not part of the establishment and the establishment's way of doing things, which is always braindead.

Testing - unless you can get the result back in minutes rather than days and repeat the test daily - is an impossibly slow way of dealing with a fast-moving situation. Testing is automatically radically ineffective if you have very poor coverage of the population, if you are only testing 0.1% of the population every day. That means that 99.9% of the pandemic is invisible. A data approach, by contrast, can get total visibility across the whole country, day in and day out - by doing nothing more complicated than asking to people to report to a central system if they have acquired the virus.

Science and its dogmatic ideology are literally killing you. If this pandemic were viewed as a data problem where people are the data nodes, this problem would be solved easily. But no one in authority has any imagination and any intelligence. We are the only people on earth, as far as we know, who have said that scientists should not be in charge of advising governments how to respond to this pandemic. Scientists should be locked in labs, researching treatments and vaccines. In fact, with an expert use of data, we would never need any treatments or vaccines because the data would reveal who is infected and those people could be quarantined very quickly, thus ending the problem.

Why did countries lose control of the pandemic? It's because once the virus was "in the community", with community transmission going on, science literally had no clue where the virus was - and all the focus switched to care homes, to hospitals, to critical care units, to ventilators, PPE, the need to step up testing, speculative treatments, potential vaccines, and so on. People became transfixed by the scenes of hospitals in chaos and the terrifying and inexorable rise in the death toll. Everyone became terrified, yet all along we have had the technology to get us out of this, if only someone in authority had the wisdom to deploy a technology solution.

All that was ever needed was a simple data method to get ill people to self-report that they were ill, and have this data centrally logged and processed to provide a first-order map of the virus. Everything else could then have been avoided.

However, what is definitely going to happen if you ask scientists to solve a problem is that they will give you a scientific "solution", which means testing, no matter how ineffective testing is. They simply can't think of anything else. They are not qualified for anything else.

If you ask the wrong people to solve a problem, you get the wrong answer, and that's exactly what has happened. Hundreds of thousands of people have died and millions of jobs have been lost because the world literally had no clue how to respond to a pandemic, and didn't even know who to ask. It asked scientists because, hey, a virus is science, right? But in actual fact, a virus is data, and infection is data, and human beings, the infected or not infected, are data, and the whole thing is just a global data problem much less complicated than the sorts of things amazon and facebook do every day to show you all the personalized adverts you get served up every day.

The 2020 pandemic has been handled more or less identically to the 1918 Spanish Flu and that's obscene given how much technology we now have, which has barely been used at all. We had the possibility of using a 21st century data approach to solving this problem and instead nearly every government used a 20th century approach that would not have been out of place in 1918, and indeed would have been recognizable in the Middle Ages.

This is exactly what happens when smart people are not in charge - when reality TV stars, classicists and people locked into a paradigm are put in charge of a crisis. GIGO - garbage in, garbage out.

We have provided a data response. Other people could no doubt come up with other ideas. But you have to ask them, not just go to the same old people with the same old ideas, the same old and failed ways of doing things. What's the point of having the internet in a pandemic if no one actually uses its incredible power to solve the problem? What's the point of everyone having a smartphone if smartphones are more or less ignored as the primary means to address the pandemic, and everything instead relies on someone sticking a swab up your nose in some convoluted process? The task is to get 100% of the people to engage with technology, not to get scientists to trot out their "testing" schtick - a system that can never work because you can't test everyone every day and therefore you can never actually know where the virus is.

For some bizarre reason, people are totally spellbound by science and not at all interested in rationalism, in reason and logic, as the way to address problems. People need to snap out of it. They need to see science's weaknesses and not just fall for its propaganda. Science is great for some things. That doesn't mean it's great for everything. It self-evidently wasn't great for dealing with COVID-19. If this had been handled entirely differently, by entirely different experts, the outcomes would have been entirely different, and much better.

Given modern technology, everyone in a country could be supplied with a "pandemic smartphone" - with very limited functionality, and equipped solely with apps relevant to pandemic management - and a set of simple instructions for how to use it. It would come into play the moment any new virus was detected and everyone would use it daily to report their status. It's not rocket science!!!!  As soon as the pandemic is over, you put the phone away … until the next time. You are ALWAYS ready for a pandemic.   
So, an astute person might raise the issue of the asymptomatic - people manifesting no symptoms at all. How would our system accommodate them? We shall give you the answer to that next week, and it's a cracker!

By the way, even in the 1918 Spanish Flu pandemic, a primitive data response was widely followed. When a household became infected, no one needed any test or any doctor to confirm it. They KNEW. They would then hang a towel on the handle of their front door to let the outside world know that the household was infected and others should keep their distance. All we are suggesting is that this be changed into an electronic system. You send an electronic "towel" to the central health authority to show that your household is infected. That data, for every household in the country, will be available to everyone in the country. Everyone will have public sight of where the virus is.

Making this invisible pandemic visible is the only thing that counts. It is made visible via humans, via those people who are infected and have become sick or acquired unusual symptoms, or caused those around them to become sick or acquire unusual symptoms. All they need to do is report that they are infected.

Isn't it time for new thinking, for new experts? Isn't it time for rationalism rather than empiricism? Isn't it time for people to investigate problems using reason and logic, and to use every tool at their disposal rather than just those that belong to a dogmatic ideology such as scientism?

By the way, anyone who has actually been following the "science" during the pandemic can't have failed to notice that different scientists have said totally different and contradictory things. Some scientists are much smarter than others, with much better ideas. There is no "common" science, with which every scientist agrees. Sadly, nearly every government has been advised by the Mandarin scientists - you know, the establishment guys, the conformists, the guys who obstruct all progress - and never by the scientists that actually have a clue.

We are back in the Max Planck situation: "A new scientific truth does not triumph by convincing its opponents and making them see the light, but rather because its opponents eventually die and a new generation grows up that is familiar with it. … An important scientific innovation rarely makes its way by gradually winning over and converting its opponents: it rarely happens that Saul becomes Paul. What does happen is that its opponents gradually die out, and that the growing generation is familiarized with the ideas from the beginning: another instance of the fact that the future lies with the youth. … Science progresses one funeral at a time."

The scientists in charge of the 2020 pandemic turned out to be of the same general mindset as those that handled the 1918 pandemic. Nothing has moved on in their way of thinking, even though everything has moved on in terms of human technology. They will all no doubt be showered with honors in due course for their "heroic" efforts. What they truly deserve is to be dismissed en masse. It's a simple fact that they have failed. They turned a simple data problem into an impossible scientific problem. It was their own failed approach that caused all the mayhem, as if we were no further forward than the people of 1918.

People are going to get angrier and angrier about the establishment's failure as the Great Depression, economically and psychologically, sets in over the next few months.






21 May





The Quintessence: The Magical Fifth Element (The Divine Series Book 9) by [Faust, Michael] 


The Quintessence: The Magical Fifth Element

We all have choices to make in our lives. How do we know if our decisions are the correct ones? How can we tell if our judgment is sound? Will the abandoned choices, the lost options, the lives we never led, haunt us like spectral reproaches? Will we be surrounded by wraiths of lives unlived, wistfully staring us and wondering why we didn't come to join them?

The human race collectively is no different from individual human beings. It has its choices to make, and often it makes the worst possible selections. Are we living in a perfect world? Then why not? What went so badly wrong? Clearly, our choices weren't the best ones. What makes us choose disastrously en masse? Whatever happened to the so-called Wisdom of the Crowd? If the people are so smart, why is the world so dumb?

Is it true, as the Illuminati assert, that the West lost an entire millennium because of Christianity? Was it this strange religion that sabotaged our progress to our own Eden? What might the world have looked like if instead of the rule of the Catholic Church for 1,000 years (from the last century of the Roman Empire to the time of the Renaissance), paganism had prevailed?
If the Roman emperor Julian the Apostate had successfully checked the rise of Christianity, would we now be living in an earthly paradise? To imagine what the world might have looked like, we have to go back to the ancient Greeks, the founders of Western civilisation.

Catholic Christianity was, of course, indebted to Greek philosophy in many good and healthy respects, but there was an ingredient in Christianity that proved toxic. This ingredient was Jewish Messianism, something that had nothing in common with Greek philosophy and culture. This alien presence wreaked havoc. Without it, the West would have developed radically differently. Stoicism, Mithraism or Julian the Philosopher's preferred religion of Neoplatonism would have shaped the West. There's no doubt they would have done an enormously superior job.

This is the story of an alternative history of the West, one where Christianity never happened. The tale of this bright world that never was begins with the pre-Socratic philosophers of ancient Greece, some of the greatest, boldest and most imaginative thinkers of all time.

This is the tale of the infinitely mysterious Quintessence.





The Dead Souls

"Dead Souls is a novel by Nikolai Gogol, first published in 1842 ...  In the Russian Empire, before the emancipation of the serfs in 1861, landowners had the right to own serfs to farm their land. Serfs were for most purposes considered the property of the landowner, who could buy, sell or mortgage them, as any other chattel. To count serfs (and people in general), the measure word 'soul' was used: e.g., 'six souls of serfs'. The plot of the novel relies on 'dead souls' (i.e., 'dead serfs') which are still accounted for in property registers. On another level, the title refers to the 'dead souls' of Gogol's characters, all of which represent different aspects of 'poshlost' (a Russian noun rendered as 'commonplace, vulgarity', moral and spiritual, with overtones of middle-class pretentiousness, fake significance and philistinism)." - Wikipedia






The Empiricism Disaster

Scientists always talk about "facts", "evidence", "measurables", "observables". Science has a method for acquiring its facts. It carries out experiments. It "tests" the world.

So, consider the COVID-19 pandemic. Scientists only want to refer to "facts". Anything else isn't science. The way science determines whether someone has COV1D-19 is by performing a test. The outcome of the test determines whether or not you have the virus. The test is either positive or negative. You either have it or you don't. Sadly, even this scientific notion is fundamentally flawed. Science has no idea how many false positives and false negatives are generated by its testing procedure. Was the test conducted properly? Was the sample analyzed properly? Did any contamination enter the system? Was the testing equipment degraded and malfunctioning in some way? Had the virus migrated to a different part of the body (it had left the nose and throat and was now lodged in the lungs, for example, where nasal and throat swabs would never detect it)? And so on. A test might indicate that someone has the virus when in fact they don't (false positive), or it might indicate that someone doesn't have the virus when in fact they do (false negative). In a pandemic situation, any significant number of false negatives is catastrophic because these people will, having been scientifically assured they don't have the virus, then innocently spread the virus everywhere.

A scientific "fact", you see, ISN'T a fact. It's an indication, an interpretation. As Nietzsche said, "There are no facts, only interpretations." Scientific facts are "theory-laden", meaning that all such facts have meaning only as part of some theory, and are facts only in relation to the theory, and to refer to them indicates the acceptance of that theory. In science, all "facts" are interpreted via the ideology of materialism. If matter does not in fact exist - as idealists assert - then 100% of scientific "facts" are false since they all rely on the theory of matter, and there is no matter. That does not make scientific facts useless. A model of reality based on matter might be incredibly useful while being wholly false ontologically and epistemologically. To this day, Newtonian physics is incredibly useful and accurate (in the vast majority of everyday circumstances) even though its central ontological claims concerning reality have all been falsified. Truth content and use content are very different things. Sadly, scientists fallaciously believe that the use content of science is proof of its truth content.

Anyway, the point is that a scientific "fact" is not some incontestable truth about reality. It's an interpretation, an indicator, a model of a possible reality, which may intersect with reality or falsify reality (as in false positives and false negatives, for example).

But scientists cling to their facts like drowning men. They have nowhere else to go.

In the UK when the pandemic struck, it was discovered that the nation had a hopelessly inadequate testing infrastructure. What happened in the UK was that testing for COVID-19 became something that happened in hospitals and nowhere else. Very sick people with terrible breathing difficulties showed up at hospital. Even many of these people later said that the tests conducted on them came back negative, even though they clearly had it.

These sick patients all said they had experienced a terrible cough and/or fever. So, the UK scientific establishment - those advising the government - based their entire view of the pandemic on the "science" being done in hospitals, amongst the critically ill. They declared that there were two key COVID-19 symptoms: 1) new, persistent cough, and 2) fever, and that these could lead to acute breathing problems in some patients.

The UK's entire handling of the pandemic was then predicated on this characterization of COVID-19. The trouble, we now know, is that this actually fatally mischaracterized the nature of the virus. It related only to the most severe manifestation of the virus, that requiring emergency hospitalization, and it totally missed the vast majority of cases in which the virus was manifesting, which did not require hospitals, did not involve testing, and was relatively mild and harmless, being somewhat akin to the flu.

The UK government's entire grasp of the pandemic was erroneous. It was all based on the critical aspect of the virus - its hospitalization aspect - and ignored the way in which the virus actually manifested itself and actually spread. People were only ending up in hospital because of the community transmission, yet community transmission was entirely scientifically unknown because no tests were being conducted (only hospital admissions were being tested). The UK had no sight at all of the actual problem, and the scientists were only looking at its end product: hospitalization. This was the only thing they cared about, and everything they said and did was framed exclusively in this context. 100% of the UK's energy was concentrated on stopping the National Health Service (NHS) hospitals from being "overwhelmed", yet if the virus had been properly understood in terms of its community transmission - its basic mode of operation - far fewer people would ever have ended up in hospital.

Hospital is the end of the process. The virus was doing all the damage - in terms of its relentless spread - in the beginning and middle stages of its lifecycle, and the UK had no eyes on this at all. All it had to say was "wash your hands a lot" and "stay at home for a week if you get a new cough or a fever."

Thankfully, not everyone in the UK is stupid. A group at King's College London, released an app allowing anyone in the community who believed they had the virus to self-report daily on their symptoms. Their findings regarding the COVID-19 symptoms (a spectrum condition) were as follows:

Loss of smell and taste; Persistent cough; Chest pain; Skipped meals; Fever; Hoarse voice; Fatigue; Diarrhea; Abdominal pain; Delirium; Shortness of breath.

In other words, it wasn't just about cough and fever.

The World Health Organization says, "COVID-19 affects different people in different ways. Most infected people will develop mild to moderate illness and recover without hospitalization.

Most common symptoms:

•    fever.
•    dry cough.
•    tiredness.

Less common symptoms:

•    aches and pains.
•    sore throat.
•    diarrhoea.
•    conjunctivitis.
•    headache.
•    loss of taste or smell.
•    a rash on skin, or discolouration of fingers or toes.

Serious symptoms:

•    difficulty breathing or shortness of breath.
•    chest pain or pressure.
•    loss of speech or movement."

So, COVID-19 - as it is overwhelmingly experienced - is much more nuanced than just a cough or fever.

The UK scientific establishment rejected the King's College findings and the WHO list of symptoms. Why? Because they weren't deemed "science". They were rejected as mere hearsay. No tests had been performed, so no scientific "facts", no scientific "evidence" had been gathered.

When people pride themselves on sticking to the "facts" and the "evidence" they are in danger of missing what's actually happening on the ground. They have ideologically excluded critical information because it does not belong to their paradigm, to what they consider science to be.

What would we, as rationalists rather than empiricists, have done at the start of the epidemic? We wouldn't even require a King's College app to gather data from the public. In a pandemic, almost all illness newly occurring in the community will be logically attributable to the virus - the illness with exponential growth. So, you simply state the most basic instruction to the community: If you have newly become ill in any unexpected way, or have found yourself with any kind of strange symptoms, assume you have the virus and self-isolate until your symptoms are completely clear.

Do you see that we are not basing anything on any "scientific" tests, experiments, evidence, facts? We are stating a simple logical truth. This is a pandemic and you are either ill from it or you are not. If you are ill for any unexpected reason, or if you have developed any kind of unusual condition, assume you are infected and self-isolate.

Do you see the remarkable difference between empiricism and rationalism? The empiricists reject logic (i.e. you are either infected or not) and care only about "actual" cases, i.e. patients explicitly tested. With logic, it's a simple binary: infected or not infected, and this applies to 100% of the population. With science, it's totally different. You are infected as a scientific fact only if you have been tested and the result has come back positive. Anything else is hearsay. Anything else is not science, is not fact, is not evidence, and cannot be cited or in any way acted upon by any members of the scientific community, who only deal in scientific facts and evidence.

With logic (rationalism), everyone in the community would have known where they stood: ill or not; self-isolate or not. With science, no one knew where they stood except those who had gone to hospital, tested positive and were then probably on a ventilator in intensive care, probably about to die. Great job, science!

This pandemic has been fatally mismanaged by science. Tens of thousands of people have died because scientists are pathetic prisoners of their ideology, their paradigm, their ludicrously restricted "facts" and "evidence".

Two months ago, King's College identified loss of smell and taste as the No.1 symptom of COVID-19 in the UK community. The UK scientific establishment totally rejected this because it was not based on any scientific "evidence" (it was based exclusively on the personal reports of the community). This means that for two months - at the horrific peak of the pandemic in the UK - countless people were going around with COVID-19 and unwittingly infecting countless others, all because "science" told them they were not infected because they did not have a cough or a fever, the only two symptoms deemed "scientific" regarding COVID-19.

You should run a mile from scientific advice in the middle of a pandemic. It could easily be the death of you. Always do the rational and logical thing, not the "empirical" thing, the "scientific" thing.

The UK government and its advisors have proved almost criminally negligent and inept. The very worst people to look after us in a pandemic have been in charge. Tens of thousands have perished, and the economy has been destroyed, all thanks to "science", all thanks to an insane paradigm that deals only with scientific "facts" and "evidence" and rejects everything else as primitive superstition, or whatever.

All that the UK had to do was ask everyone in the country to assess their own health and honestly decide whether they were infected or not, always erring on the side of the most cautious outlook - if you are suffering from anything strange, immediately assume you are infected and get yourself out of the way until you are healthy again. This is rationalism, but empiricists were in charge. They allowed countless infected people to imagine they weren't infected - because they didn't have a cough or fever - and to go about their business as normal. This is directly what led to the exponential explosion of the virus, and the legions of deaths. In the end, the government had to lock down the entire country and destroy the economy … all because of the ineptitude of science and its refusal to engage with anything other than how the virus manifested itself in the most extreme cases, in those in hospital. The scientists attended only to the most lethal aspect of the virus and completely forgot that the virus is spread by infected people in the community, the vast majority of whom were only lightly affected and most of whom didn't even realize they had the virus, and had been given no guidance beyond checking for a cough or fever. 100% of those that did not have a cough or fever - but who were nevertheless infected and spreading the virus - were left out of science's picture of the disease, which was consequently a fatally false picture.

To add insult to injury, loss of smell and taste has now been added to cough and fever as an "official" symptom of the virus. Two months and thousands of deaths too late!!! Even worse, all the other symptoms revealed by King's College and WHO are STILL being ignored. That's empiricists for you. Do not trust these people with your lives. They can be the death of you.

We look to scientists for treatments and a vaccine. We do not look to them to know how to manage a pandemic. That's a job for rationalism, for reason and logic, not for empiricism, not for scientific "tests" (unless you are able to test the entire population at once rather than a tiny fraction each day).

For a rationalist, there is no reason why you can't "test" yourself. Are you ill or not? Are you "off" or not? Are things not quite right, or not? Who is better able to determine that than yourself? You don't need anyone to stick a swab up your nose. But for science, your own self-assessment - your own ability to decide your own state of health - is akin to worshiping idols. It has no scientific validity and therefore it's IGNORED. It's not fact, it's not evidence, it's hearsay, speculation, conjecture, belief, opinion, delusion, or whatever. And that's exactly why the UK death toll will probably end up at around 70,000 rather than 700. All thanks to the "facts" and science's interpretation of the "facts". Science's "factual" picture was so limited as to be almost totally false. LETHALLY FALSE.

Science had no clue what was going on because it had no ability to test what was going on, and it has nowhere to go except tests. No such problem exists for rationalism. Your own self-assessment of your health eminently qualifies as rational data to be used in building a rational picture of the pandemic. Why wouldn't it? It would be totally irrational to dismiss your ability to assess your own health. After all, 100% of visits to the doctor commence with one fact: you have assessed that you are ill! According to science, you actually become ill only at the point at which your doctor diagnoses you. Only then is it factual, only then is it "scientific".

It's time for people to wake up. Science has many strengths, but it also has catastrophic limitations and drawbacks and people have to be fully aware of these. No one in their right mind could say that the UK has handled this pandemic well. Who shall we blame? There are only two candidates: the government, and the scientists advising them. That's a logical fact. In any healthy system, all of these people would be fired. Instead, they will all be given knighthoods (those that don't already have them … those that do will be made into Lords of the realm). That's the UK for you. God save the Queen!

Get to fuck!







Love Is the Drug?




To all love and lighters ... here is one of the greatest songs of all time. Everyone who has truly loved gets this song. Anyone who gets this song would never in a trillion years preach love and light. Love and lighters see love as an unalloyed, unconditional good. In fact, love is an incredible source of anguish, trauma, depression, mania, delusion, catastrophic misjudgment, suicide, homicide, mass murder, fanatical partisanship, grotesque demonization of the Other, of the unloved, of the enemy. Love automatically leads to hate.

Nietzsche said, "Love - in its methods war, in its foundation the mortal hatred of the sexes."

Francois de La Rochefoucauld said, "If we judge love by most of its effects, it resembles hate rather than affection."

The man who wrote this brilliant song committed suicide. He too was tormented by love. He was just 23. The video below was shot about three weeks before his death. The song was released posthumously, in June 1980. RIP IAN CURTIS (Died 18 May, 1980).







Hegel: The Man Who Would Be God (The Divine Series Book 5) by [Faust, Michael] 


Hegel: The Man Who Would Be God

Is the universe a gigantic evolving mind? Is it alive? Does God come to self-consciousness through humanity? Are we the vessels of God?

The German philosopher Hegel is one of the greatest and most notoriously obscure philosophers of all time. Was he a secret member of the Illuminati?

Did Hegel seek to replace Christianity with Illumination - the enlightened religion of the Illuminati? Was he guided by Hermetic, Gnostic and esoteric thinking? Was he a modern magician and sage, bringing to the public arena a body of ancient, mystical knowledge?

The master-slave dialectic is one of the most profound aspects of human existence, and it explains much of the political and social structure of the world. What did Hegel say about this astonishing dialectic?

What IS the dialectic? Why is it so important to any understanding of the world? Is it the cosmic engine that drives the universe towards its Omega Point, its ultimate conclusion?

No one without an understanding of Hegel's thinking can hope to understand the world. Isn't it time to discover the deep secrets of the cosmos?






Empiricists versus Rationalists


The world is looking to scientists for effective tests, treatments and vaccines. That's what science is good at. But is this pandemic also exposing what scientists are disastrously bad at? Are tens of thousands of people dying because scientists are exactly the wrong people to be advising politicians in this crisis? We want to make a controversial point that empiricists are unfit for purpose in these times, and rationalists should be running the whole show.

To give you a flavor of the problem, let's start with the "simple" problem of whether or not you should wear a facemask when you go out. This has provoked a staggering degree of controversy. How is that possible? Why is it controversial at all?

So, in the UK, one leading scientist after another said, "THERE IS NO EVIDENCE THAT FACEMASKS ARE PROTECTIVE AGAINST COV1D-19."

Have you noticed what is wrong with this statement? What would a rationalist object to? A rationalist would immediately ask, "Is there any evidence that facemasks are NOT protective against COV1D-19?"

Of course, there is no evidence that facemasks don't work. This whole area is more or less devoid of any meaningful study and experiments.

What the British scientists should have said is: "We don't know if facemasks are useful are not. There is no scientific data regarding this question." But that makes them look weak and poorly informed. They try to avoid saying "don't know", especially if it's regarding something as basic as whether or not to wear a facemask in a pandemic. Instead, they said, "There is no evidence that facemasks work," which, to most people's ears, sounds like they're saying, "It's pointless wearing a facemask. It makes no difference. Save your money and save yourself the trouble and inconvenience regarding something with no payoff."

As we all know, a central fallacy of scientism is the conclusion that absence of evidence is evidence of absence. In the present case, the absence of evidence that facemasks are effective (because no studies have been done) is taken to be evidence of lack of effectiveness of facemasks, when in fact it's an unknown (in terms of science, given the absence of data).

Actually, the prevalence of facemask use in China and South Korea - which have done spectacularly well regarding the pandemic in comparison with the USA and Western European nations - is prima facie evidence that facemask use should have been compulsory from the get go.

Moreover, if you look at the critical care units of all hospitals in the UK, all the nurses and doctors are wearing facemasks, and there has been a huge outcry about the lack of PPE for patient-facing staff in all contexts.

How can the following two points be reconciled:

1)    Every medical worker in the presence of covid-19 patients is wearing a facemask, and many medical workers who weren't given adequate PPE, especially facemasks, died of covid-19, which they contracted from their patients.


2) "There is no evidence that facemasks are effective against covid-19."

Even worse, the British scientists actually started to change their argument. They said, "There is a limited stock of facemasks and we want them for medical staff." This is an entirely different argument. This is about resource allocation (of facemasks) not efficacy (of facemasks). It transpires that these British scientists brazenly lied to the British people. There was a desperate shortage of PPE for medical staff - thanks to catastrophic government and scientific lack of forward planning for an epidemic or pandemic - and the real motivation for scientists telling people that they didn't need to wear masks was that they wanted the limited supply of masks for the medical workers.

There was nothing to stop the scientists telling the truth. They could have told the people to wear scarves round their faces to afford them some masklike protection. Instead, they just flat-out lied and pretended that facemask use was pointless. It should have been compulsory from Day One of the pandemic.

This is just our first example of the total incompetence and deceitfulness of those leading the official British response to the pandemic, and their dismal example has been repeated in many other countries that have fared disastrously in this pandemic.

The way these people think and behave is systemically wrong.

To any rationalist, placing a barrier between you and the droplets that convey covid-19 can never be a bad thing. In the Hunger Games, the catchphrase is: "May the odds be ever in your favor." Wearing a facemask or face covering must surely shift the odds in your favor compared with having no such protection. Why then did so many scientists speak out against facemasks, even though the OFFICIAL advice is now that everyone should cover their face as much as possible?

How can we trust these clowns when they turn something as basic as wearing a facemask into an enormously contentious issue, and regarding which they have now done a hundred and eighty degree hard turn? If they can't get the basics right, how can they get anything sophisticated right?

Scientists are great in labs. They aren't great as soon as they step out of them.


The final proof that shapeshifting lizards are real... and preaching Christianity in Texas (!!!)







God Genesis (The Divine Series Book 4) by [Faust, Michael]


God Genesis

Many atheists consider Darwin's theory of evolution the proof that God does not exist. On the contrary, it is the exact basis of God's existence.

God is not the creator of the universe but rather its ultimate creation, the optimal expression of the inherent potential of the cosmos. He is the maximum actualization of possibility.

Physicists say that anything not forbidden is compulsory. God is the compulsory apex of cosmic existence.

Modern science has led to a complete loss of a religious sensibility in the Western world. Religious assertions increasingly sound crazy and ridiculous. The irony is that religion is ultimately scientific. There is no contradiction between science and religion. It is not religion that is abolished by science, but atheism.

Welcome to the world of the scientific God of cosmic evolution. God not only exists, he is inevitable. Here we present the proof, from first principles.

This is the genesis of God. This is the true Book of Genesis.





The Strange Fruit

Verily, this epidemic is the fruit of Sin. Who is the Sinner? It can only be the man in the White House - the arch Sinner. If he were a godly man, would God punish America? America is being punished BECAUSE it chose Trump. 1 + 1 = 2. Would God punish a nation that had chosen a godly man as its leader? Self-evidently not, ERGO Trump is a Satanist. You can never beat the divine logic. Did not God bring woe to the Israelites, the Chosen People, when their kings were impious and wicked? Their temples were destroyed and they were enslaved by the rivers of Babylon.

Bow to your God. Repent. Beg for forgiveness all you Satanists that voted Trump! You are Gog and Magog, the army of evil. You have provoked God himself. He brought the plague from the Godless East to punish you! Kneel. Pray. Renounce and denounce the Satan in the Oval Office. The seven seals have been opened because of his degeneracy and corruption. If America's Christians do not drive Trump out of the White House, all of them will be smitten by deadly plague. Praise the Lord. The only thing worse than the unbeliever is the false believer, the false claimant to righteousness. You are not the Saved, you are the Damned. You crowned the Antichrist and called him Christ. Hell mend you. You will have all eternity to regret your diabolical deeds.





The List of Things

Things that won't end the coronavirus epidemic:

Thoughts and prayers
Love and light
Subjectivism and Relativism
Prophets, popes, gurus, preachers, pastors, rabbis, imams, monks
Eastern mysticism
Predatory Capitalism
Conspiracy theories

Things that will stop the epidemic:

Artificial intelligence
Reason and logic
Global cooperation

Isn't the game finally up? The age of irrationalism is finally over. All the junk in the "thoughts and prayers" list is absolutely useless. Why are we wasting any more time on this garbage? It's time for it all to end.

The virus has killed it all. It has showed how totally impotent all this bullshit is. Let this be the end of the age of mainstream religion, superstition, mystical bullshit, absurd faith, phony spirituality, love and light. It all counts for nothing.

It's time for humanity to grow up and start spending its time on productive things.

Where does "God" stand in relation to the virus? Did he create it? Then he's culpable. Did he not create it and can't do anything about it? Then he's not God. So, which is it? Either God is guilty, or God does not exist.

We won't hold our breath waiting for theologians and believers to answer. People should turn to humanity's smart people and wait for them to find a cure or an effective treatment. This is meritocracy in action, folks.

All the politicians, predatory capitalists, entrepreneurs, super rich elitists, billionaires, dynastic families of inheritance and privilege, theologians, preachers, monarchs, nobility, popes, rabbis, imams, love and lighters couldn't do a single thing about covid-19. Only smart people will solve this. And if that's true of this, why isn't that true of everything else? Who needs the idiots? Covid-19 arrived to show that the reign of the Dunning-Kruger effect must end. Experts must take over the running of the world. The Confederacy of Dunces have had their day. They failed. They have dragged the whole world down into disaster. Now intelligent humans must get us out of the hole, and now intelligent humanity must seize control of the world. The circus performance is over. The clowns are no longer needed. Their makeup is running. The show is over. Time to go home.

It's time to stop the dance. The jig is up.

Nietzsche said, "God is dead." The Virus was God's assassin. Who needs a God that can't beat a virus?

"The vulgar crowd always is taken by appearances, and the world consists chiefly of the vulgar." - Niccolò Machiavelli





Woe Is Me

We got to fatso Boris Johnson. He was lucky to escape our clutches. But what about the Blubber Man himself - Trumpelthinskin. Why oh why haven't we got to him yet? It's not fair! Our day shall come!





Book of the Week (30 Apr)






 The God Within Me (The Divine Series Book 1) by [Faust, Michael]


The God Within Me

"The race of gods and men is one, and from one mother we both draw our breath. Yet all the difference in our power holds us apart, so that man is nothing, but the brazen floor of heaven is eternally unshakable." - Pindar

Psychologist Carl Jung and Nobel Prize winning physicist Wolfgang Pauli collaborated to find a means of bridging the gap between the psychological and scientific worlds, between mind and matter. They failed, but everything they sought has been accomplished by the ancient and controversial secret society known as the Illuminati.

The Illuminati have provided a framework for understanding all phenomena of whatever nature, scientific or paranormal. Discover their startling theory of everything. It explains Rupert Sheldrake's theory of Morphic Resonance, homeopathy, out-of-body and near-death experiences, synchronicity, remote viewing, hypnosis and many other previously inexplicable phenomena.

Read about "dream gnosis", the extraordinary means by which the fortunate few encounter their inner God.

The religion of the Illuminati is called Illumination and belongs to the Gnostic tradition of enlightenment. Based on Pythagorean mathematics, it promotes reason and knowledge, and is wholly opposed to religions of faith and mysticism.

Do not read this book if you are an Abrahamist, a conspiracy theorist, or a freeloader. This book is only for rational, intelligent, open-minded freethinkers.

The books in this series are anti-Old World Order samizdat and agitprop publications that have been nowhere near the gatekeeper publishing houses of the OWO. Completely uncensored, they are the vehicles of the purest free speech available in the world today. If they have a certain rough and ready anti-corporate quality, it's because huge teams of expensive, glossy capitalist "packagers" have had no involvement with the production of these books. If you want a coffee table book, go somewhere else. If you want the truth, WELCOME!






"Until they become conscious they will never rebel, and until after they have rebelled they cannot become conscious." - George Orwell

Things you never thought you'd hear:

The President of the USA: "Inject yourself with disinfectant."


"I can't believe I have to say this, but please don't drink bleach." - Former Vice President Joe Biden


"As a global leader in health and hygiene products, we must be clear that under no circumstances should our disinfectant products be administered into the human body (through injection, ingestion or any other route). As with all products, our disinfectant and hygiene products should only be used as intended and in line with usage guidelines. Please read the label and safety information." - Reckitt Benckiser statement


"We had hundreds of calls in our hotline here in Maryland about people asking about injecting or ingesting these disinfectants, which is, you know, hard to imagine that people thought that that was serious. But what people actually were thinking about this, was this something you could do to protect yourself?" - Maryland's Republican Governor Larry Hogan


To all Trumpanzees, Trumpelthinskin is your Messiah, your Chosen One, God's appointed instrument. You must have absolute faith. Inject yourself with bleach! Irradiate yourself with ultra-violet light. What would Jesus do? He would get that disinfectant and start injecting! He would get that UV lamp and crank it up to maximum. Praise be to the Lord. The Jews had to mark their doors with blood to ensure the Angel of Death would pass over their homes. The American Christians must swallow bleach. Only then will you escape the Angel of Virus!

Is your faith strong enough? If you are protected by God, nothing can harm you.

Mark 16: 18 says, "They shall take up serpents; and if they drink any deadly thing it shall not hurt them; they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover."

If you are a true believer, you can handle serpents and drink a thimbleful of strychnine (the "salvation cocktail"). Equally, the Saved shall drink of the bleach mixed with the Kool-Aid, and verily they shall be delivered from the Demonic virus.

A Christian woman from an American Southern State said emphatically, "I am safe. I cannot get the virus," and quoted as her protection Psalm 91, which says, "He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty. … I will say of the LORD, 'He is my refuge and my fortress, my God, in whom I trust.' … If you make the Most High your dwelling … then no harm will befall you, no disaster will come near your tent." The woman insisted that absolutely no harm would befall her. We shall see.

Billy Sunday was a prominent evangelist at the time of the Spanish flu pandemic of 1918. At the peak of the crisis, he insisted on continuing to preach to his packed religious and temperance revivals in Providence, Rhode Island. He was reputed to have grasped the hands of 10,000 people.

Sunday literally preached even while people in his audience were collapsing from the effects of the deadly flu. He blamed Sin for the flu sweeping the country and said, "We can meet here tonight and pray down the epidemic."

Don't you just love "thoughts and prayers", America's great miracle cure for all calamities? The real miracle is that it never once cures anything, but people go on invoking it. What's for sure is that they never invoke "reason and logic". God forbid!

In the current pandemic, a Christian choir in Washington state met for a rehearsal despite being warned not to. Sixty members of the Skagit Valley Chorale showed up for practice on March 6. Three weeks later, 45 had COVID-19 and two had died.

Praise the Lord!

Verily, Perdition shall come to all those that do not sing loudly enough. The choir's faith was not strong enough. They were infected by Sin and the Devil came amongst them, as was only right and proper for these manifest unbelievers. Their illness proved they were damned.

Thou shalt not defy the Lord thy God!

So, Trump - the Orange Man - suggested people could use ultraviolet light to kill covid-19 inside the body. He also suggested people could inject a disinfectant into the body to kill the virus. You first, Donald. Let's hope he and his followers all try it.

Remember Trump said, "I think that would qualify as not smart, but genius … and a very stable genius at that!"

Yes, Donald, you're a genius. Take your own genius advice and inject yourself with bleach!

America has become a global laughing stock. Worldwide, it's now seen as a joke country, a Banana Republic. It took just one maverick, narcissistic president to convert the USA from a highly respected, admired and envied nation into a Rogue State, an unpredictable, unreliable, untrustworthy country, totally out of touch with the rest of the world. People snigger at the USA now. How the mighty have fallen. It's unlikely that the USA will ever again be seen as a world leader. That role ended as soon as Trump said, "America First." America used to be about "We." The world lost interest when it became about "I."   

The End of Trump … If you intend to vote for Trump in November, do what he says and inject yourself with disinfectant, swallow bleach, and light yourself up with UV. You'll kill the virus for sure ... and yourself along with it. Total result! Imagine how brilliant the world will be without you. God Bless America. God Bless disinfectant, God Bless Trump. He was sent as the national Jim Jones to administer the Kool-Aid to all Republicans. God's existence has now been proved! Who knew?!

Never forget, this pandemic can be ended in no time at all. All you need is an internet page that everyone goes to every day for the next 8 weeks. They select their address and then click on "yes" or "no" to this simple question: "Is anyone showing signs of COVID-19 infection at this address?"

All of the information collected, across every household in the country, will give an instant snapshot of where the virus is located. Some people might not be showing any symptoms presently or be completely asymptomatic, but they will be minor anomalies. The basic picture will be clear. Then we only need to shut down areas where the infection is known to be, and shut down any areas where it subsequently appears. Simple!

In the UK, at least 95% of the country is completely free of the virus, yet the whole country has been closed down. Ridiculous! Given modern technology, this is just insane. Are the people leading our nations literally retarded? Can't they organize the simplest things and ask the simplest questions?

This is an information pandemic. All we require is information to stop it. We are dealing with an invisible virus, yet one that has very visible effects: it makes people sick. All you need to do is identify where the sick are and you have identified where the virus is too. You can use the broadest definition of sickness for COVID-19 (almost any symptoms … why take any chances?).

Instead, there is an insane commitment to "testing", meaning that only the data of people who get tested - usually in a totally chaotic way - are in any way recorded, meaning that no information is held at all on all the untested, the overwhelming majority of the country. The tests are notoriously unreliable, generating many false positives and false negatives alike. Why bother with them? Why not simply ask people if they are sick or not? After all, they ought to know, right?

Testing is totally reactive. We need to be proactive and get people to self-declare their status. In the UK, there are 65 million people. You can only test a tiny fraction, so how will you know where the virus is? Testing can certainly be part of the solution, but it cannot be the central policy. It doesn't have nearly enough coverage. It doesn't make the virus visible across the country. That's the No. 1 priority. That's the only way to beat the virus, barring a vaccine.






Are we being forced to play this mad game because some Big Pharmas are making huge profits from the tests? Is the government refusing to ask people whether or not they are sick from COVID-19 because no Big Pharma can monetize this simple process?

Does the government actually want a cure, or is this the best-ever opportunity for the super rich to snap up for a pittance countless distressed small businesses? There's nothing the super rich love more than a crisis. It's where they make the most money, because they are the only ones with capital! Everyone else goes bankrupt and they buy up the whole show for a snip. Bargains galore. Kerching. They've never had it so good.

The Chief Scientific Officer and Chief Medical Officer of the USA, UK, France, Italy and Spain should be dismissed for gross incompetence. Instead, we know they will all be garlanded with honors. Why? Because if they got what they deserved, their political masters would be next in the firing line.

It goes without saying that all of the inept politicians should resign or be voted out asap. It happened on their watch and they all performed disastrously. It's not as if this was in any way unexpected. The Spanish Flu happened a century ago. Why were none of its lessons learned? Where were the pandemic plans? There weren't any. The politicians were all headless chickens, without a plan, without a clue. In the end, their response was no more sophisticated than locking people in their homes, like a medieval quarantine. Things haven't moved on. The dunces are still in charge. There are still people praying to God.

There is simply no excuse. These people are 100% culpable. No one should ever forgive or forget. It's all on them. They should all fall on their swords. In ancient Rome, it would have been demanded.

The lackeys - the chief scientists and medics - shield their masters and are rewarded for doing so. The whole thing is a scandal. Cronyism at its spectacular worst. Meritocracy will end this shit show.